Sangat bosan duduk dirumah sepanjang dua hari ni tanpa sebarang aktiviti dan latihan BFM. Tapi, pada masa yang sama, sangat lega, dan menghargai break yang diberikan oleh Big Boss-Ah Bin. Tak sedar langsung betapa penatnya badan dan otot2 di badanku masa balik dari latihan BFM Selasa lepas. Bangun pagi keesokan harinya baru aku sedar betapa otot2 dikaki ku sakit yang amat sangat.... Dan esok, bermula semula latihan2 BFM ku yang sangat menarik dan undoubtedly memenatkan..*sigh* Jumaat, Sabtu, Ahad, tiga hari berturut-turut ada latihan BFM. I believe it's getting harder and harder now that we have come to the dancing part.

This morning, I was awaken by the screaming of my phone's ringtone. Benci betul! Was having a very weird and interesting sweet dream. I answered the phone with reluctance, trying to sound as fresh and awaken as possible (tho I know it was totally useless), heard a familiar, female kiwi's voice on the other end which I couldnt understand sepatah haram she was babbling about, but trying to be polite, I just answered with a very friendly kind of way. Guess who?! My "sayang2" property manager-Angie! I was pretty shocked to receive her call coz the only reason she had for calling me so far was regarding my overdue house rent. So the first thing that popped out of my head was..damn it.. I just paid for 4 weeks in advance few days ago. I guess, my voice was too transparent that she could read my voice! She abruptly changed her tone of voice to a very friendly tone telling me the real intention of her call regarding the up coming Open Homes that Cambridge is having these weekends. Open HOmes??!!! O_0 whatever is that???

She said, the building will be handed over to a different land lord and so, there will be a viewing from 11.45am to 12.15pm these weekends; Sat and Sunday. I was like..heh? Does that mean I have to move out now??? Then she reaffirmed me that it has nothing to do with the tenants. So, basically... all I will be expecting these weekends is some random people coming knocking on my door, coming into my house, checking things and yeah that should be all about it! And following Angie's call, were some... yes SOME (with capital letters) calls made by unfamiliar property agents asking about my rental price per weak, and some stuff. So... in other word, no chance of me getting back to sleep. Urgh!! Very irritating..annoying, people! And after those calls, I jumped into my seat and started surfing the net and playing Farm Town! Yay! Booooorriiiiing!