Don't really know what to do now.

Not really sure how I feel too.

Miss those feelings there...

Not that Im complaining.. it's just... just that.

You won't know.

Empty, dark, quiet little room.

That's what it's all about.
Okay, the practicum is finally over. I felt so relieved! No more burning the midnight oil, cracking my head like a crazy woman to write lengthy lesson plans, and waking up the next morning questioning my sanity to teach. I prepared something for my beloved students: a simple bookmark and a small cupcake for each of them. Nothing much, I know. Cant really afford to buy expensive stuff for all 72 students. Plus, I bought some presents for those who submitted 80% or more of my work.

The cupcakes were delivered to Ipba around 8.30pm on Wednesday. And I only have class with my 2Y on that day. So, I can only give them to my 1L on Friday. And because the school is damn sucks, all four of us have been warned by some teachers not to distribute our cupcakes to our students in class. Thus, not wanting to create any trouble on our last few days of school, I had to ask my 1L kids to stay back for a while after school. I felt guilty coz I left 2Y quite late on Friday and most of my 1L have left the school... without my cupcakes.

I dedicated 2 songs for my students: Tattoo and Kau Ilhamku. Khuang Leik showed me his "Moonwalk" moves that I would never forget. He is so cute. I mean though these kids are just so naughty but, they have some values that they strongly hold on to. Dorang tu nakal bukannya jahat. They are good kids. And my 2Y, they sang for me "Belaian Jiwa". Sooo sweet. I received lotsa farewell cards from my students. Well of course i shed some tears while reading their wishes for me. Soo touched by their thoughtful wishes. I wont mind teaching them for one whole year. its d school that i hate d most.

Initially,  I wanted to take pic of every one of em. But, there were so many things to do and so many things in my mind that I did not have enough time to do that. Really regret it. I wanted to remember every face, every smile that cheers my days in school. I wanted to remember the names and faces of my first students ever so that maybe in 10 years from now, I could reflect back my practicum years and remember my first students that have taught me a lot about life as an educator.

To my 1L and 2Y, if you ever read this (which I know some of you will do), I enjoy every moment we spent together. And do forgive me if I ve ever hurt your feelings as I membebel in front of your classes. I love you all!