A teacher was waiting for her students at the school's stage. they were going to have a choir practice. suddenly, one of the senior assistants approached one of the male students.
ocut ig it
Senior Assistant (SA): hey! Your hair is long! You better cut it or I m going to cut it.
Student A:  maaam my dad is goin to send me to d barber shop this evening.
SA: huh! U better cut it today! Or else... ill b d one cutting it of. when i was d SA of students affair, students were scared of me. they dont dare to have long hair or break d rules. im good at cutting people's hair.
Me: (gosh! Is she trying to preach hee? Now? Cumon..) hehe.. hmmm kids, dont forget to cour hair yea. or else, u just tell mdm SA wat kinda hairstyle u want.. heh..
student B: haha! Student A, do u want a mohawk? Oh i know, wat bout punk heh, mdm SA?
SA: punk huh? Do u want punk, or pelempang?!!! (Means a big slap)

MY SAY.??  Come on! Cut some slack would you? Take sometimes to get to know your students. And please be real... You re now in this school. Enough with comparing evrything with your beloved previous school. Instead, think of ways on making this school like your previous school. Also, stop ordering people to do YOUR work by givin lame excuses like having headache,tired etc.
I have finally bought d samsung galaxy tab that i ve been dreaming about since d past  several months and d best part of course, the existance of d internet. gosh, living without internet really made me feel likeliving in a cave. seriously! No joke, man! Im so thankful for this kinda invention. but, yeah.. im still learning, configuring this thing. damn! Really its like super awesome!