Saturday, 22.11.08

Lepas blk tour, kaki aku abis ber blister. perit giler. at 1st i thought i wana dine in d luxurious restaurant in front of d hotel but then i decided to call d room service n asked em to deliver my dinner. d dessert was so nyummy n cute hehe.

that nite i went to d spa saloon in level 7 n got myself a balinese body massage n scrub package. best giler massage n body scrub tu. so that was d best that i d ever tried. impressive!

Sunday, 23.11.08


My last day in Jakarta which also means my last day of being pampered as a princess and MALAYSIA… here I come!!!!
Called d front desk and asked for a late check out coz my flight was at 7pm and I could only check in at 5pm. I checked out at 1pm and waited at d lobby for my driver to pick me up at 2pm. D pak cik was so nice n jujur n bcoz of tht I tip him 50 000 rp. He sent me straight to d departure gate n searched for my luggage trolley b4 allowing me to get out of d car. Pak cik yg sgt jujur dan baik unlike d driver that I got during my arrival…

7pm (still Jakarta time)
I m already on board waiting for d flight to take off.. Finally I m heading for msia for good n gona meet my family… rindu em all soo much. Tis time I m travelling in a very small air plane-Airasia. Of course it’s not d same as riding on a big bird. Huhu..

I got a place next to d window coz I asked for it since I bought d xpress boarding ticket. N as d plane flew above JB, I almost cried coz I felt touched by d fact that I was almost home n I was finally back in Msia. Tak tahu camne nk explain d feeling. Haha… interesting…

This was how I look when I arrived at d Senai Airport. Hahaha… Ibu tak terkata ape sbb anak die yg sorg ni mmg dingdong sikit haha.

Now I am stuck at home, jadi driver haha. And d worst part of courselah ketiadaan internet! Haih terpaksalh adapt. So mmg lah ssh. Nk enrol for next year paper pn problem huhu masael sungguh nih. Ibu takde kat rmh n ink keluar with my adik2 gi movie ke mkn2 jln2 shopping2 men bowling ke.. ok that’s all for now.

Take care people. Nak jumpe ke chill out, buzz2 lah aku. K ciao… He kona mai! Goodbye!