I hereby declare myself as one of the worst bloggers in the universe. Fuuuh! Abandoning my blog as long as I could. Taking my sweet time updating this blog. Time passes by... People come and go... And it's almost new year. 2010.. is just around the corner. Christmas fell on the day when my whole neighbourhood went blackout for the whole day. Indeed, no current for almost 4 days! Crazy I tell you! And the most important thing is, I am now, back in Malaysia. And with only a month of holidays, I gotta go back to IPBA for my final year. *sigh*

My flight from Auckland touched down at around 8.30pm on the 3rd Dec. Ever since then, I only had 2 chances to went online. Now, I am so happy that I finally have a broadband. No more problem to keep myself update.

That bf of mine... hmm as usual. The same old matter. The same old style. Tired! Urgh! Im waiting.. Im waiting... Im waiting...