This breeze... it reminds me of New Zealand. How I wish I am in Nz now. I miss evryone there. I miss listening to Sheryll's screaming and lectures added with all her complimentary gestures and funny expressions. And her famous tagline, "Suck it up, folks!". I miss collecting craccum every week. I wonder how's this year's craccum. I mean honestly, nothing much being discussed in craccum and they are all boring crap. But, still, craccum is an evidence of my unique uni life abroad in comparison to some of Malaysian local students. I am proud to have that short but memorable exclusive experience.

Okay, cut the crap, cut the crap!

Yea, tomorrow is my first day of practicum. I am going to officially report myself to school. No idea which form(s) am I going to teach. No idea about my timetable yet. I am very blur and in the know of nothing, currently. I wanted to prepare some lesson plans but, as I said, I dont know which classes am I going to teach, and not to mention, I have no clue about the school's weekly/monthly planning or whatsoever. So how? I pray that the school will not ask me to teach during the first week. Oh god, please let me settle down and get to know the school and students first during my first week there. Btw, I am going to SMK Taman Yarl, near Old Klang Road. I've googled about the school but, to my disappointment, I couldnt find much about the school. *Sigh*
Gosh! Scary, scary! First day of school is always scary, creepy and nervouse.

My preparation???
  • Okay, I've always loved to collect materials, activities and exercises. So, for the past few days, I have been gathering, rearranging, and collecting some activities and organise them according to their difficulty levels and forms.
  • Ironed all my clothes for next week. -and I realised how I need more, and more baju kurung. Sangat boring okay, rotating the same baju week out week in.
  • Printing and compiling a few stuff for my Practicum Portfolio.
  • Went to the school to check out the route to that school.

Hope I wont forget anything tomorrow. Oh, fyi, since 2 days ago, I have been dreaming about teaching and being observed. That shows how nervous I am now.