Thanks to my dearest ex-rumie, Dee. Calling me this morning to let meknow that d posting results are finally out on the moe website. She checked for me since d broadband was wit mum, and Yay! I got Johor. But, so sad for her that she didnt get Johor. But, I am still worried coz Johore is not a small state. I wonder which part of Johor am I goin to be sent to. I dont paticularly have any area or school in mind. I just pray that I ll get the best school that suits me best. And please, not so rural.

Went to JPN Johor today to chck with Bahagian Sekolah but, they still havent receivd any news regarding our postings. They asked me to check with them again on the 1st. I was like, 1st? Tot it was a holiday??? Whatever, gonna check with them again and again every so often.


Anonymous said...

no worries babe! i know u do the same to me (:
- dee