Today is my first day working as a housekeeper at Corpthorne Hotel. I ve never worked as a clearner before, what else in a hotel. I am working there with another 3 of my friends. Since this is our first day, we starts at 8.30am. Thus, I had to wake up way earlier than usual...6.15am. According to our previous plan, we wanted to head for the buas at 7.15am. But, we changed the plan to 7.45am. Had some breads before heading to work. We were very lucky as we arrived at the bus stop exactly when the bus arrived. Well, we reached there half an hour earlier. Its ok. Besides, it's our first day. Better early than late. Since we re earlier, we were asked to wait for our supervisor, Lagi. Lagi came and brought us the uniform room and we were given our uniforms. OMG... the uniform was superrrr...... funny and should I say... its ugly! A baggy navy short that with 1 look, u might think its a skirt, and a flowery, short sleeve, blue shirt. It was so funny that we felt like school boys... haha... its ok. we were just housekeepers... on the other hand, the uniform was so comfy that it made us easy to move around and do all the cleaning.

Today is our training. Interesting, unlike Nando's-my previous employer, the system here is much more systematic and logical. We know our tea break time, lunch time, and the things that we are expected to do. We were provided with free food from the cafe. Its just that they dont provide halal meats and stuff. so we can only take vege and fruits. so sad... the rest can eat chickens, cakes, etc. they even served pork and bacon. I did not dare to try anything that looked ambiguos to me. Its ok, healthy diet. haha... good for me, really need a slimming programme right now. We were taught how to make beds, clean toilets, dusting, etc. so basically, i had made a record in my life, today. I had cleaned my first hotel room in my life, which not many people have this same opportunity in theor life. My first entire room cleaned by me was room 317. I had to make 2 beds, wipe windows, dusting, vacuum, and clean the toilet. A bit tired, but its enjoyable and we re not pressured like working in Nando's. Not as tired as Nando's too. But, of course, I cant tell about that. Coz today is only the first day. We only had the chance to clean a few rooms. Wait till they had put their trust on us, just look at how many rooms we ll have to clean.

Yeah, basically that's today's story. We went back at half past 2 and we were starving. Like usual, we cooked instant fried noodles and chat together at the dining hall. Life can be very enjoyable, interesting and sometimes miserable with friends. As usual, friends come and go. They cant be with us all the time. So, just bear with it... Its good to have friends accompanying us abroad, as we dont have families here. So, as now, I m kinda tired. But was thinking of taking a shower, cook dinner and continue with my assignment. urghhh.. hate assignmentsssss!!!!! ciao...