I was reading "FREIRE: education for critical consciousness" last night when suddenly i realised that i slept half way reading it. It was 6am when I woke up realising there was a book lying on my face. It was a fine morning, very cold and peaceful. I grabbed my duvet and decided to continue sleeping. An hour later, i woke up and started to continue reading the book. There is no way i m gonna read those types of books unless there is a great necessity of doing so. I had to read that book for more in-depth understanding of Freire concept of a liberationist teacher. It's for my pedagogy assignment which due on next friday. frankly speaking, I lost track of time, works, myself here. I could not set a new habit here and my time management had totally changed. Maybe it is caused by the differences in time and right now, the daylight is kinda short here. Normally back in Malaysia, I would prefer to stay up till 1 or 2 am. but here, i could not even stay up till 12am. I d be a dead meat by that time. I was not sure of my daily habits, feel like i am loosing my mind here. I felt my mind is shrinking from day to day. My brain is too lazy to work, its as if my cognitive development had stopped on the day i reached here. My assignments... were pieces of junk. useless.. i cant compose even one single good quality piece of work. it is very tiring living in this state of mind actually.

By the way, today is the most packed and tiring day in the week. I guess it is because today is my most productive day in Auckland. I had been engaging with instructional processes (in easier term is teaching-learning process) starting from 8am to 4pm. i was so exhausted. Not physically tired but mentally exhausted. And not to mention, I was again pissed off by my 2 closes friend here. few days earlier...indeed, a week aerlier, they were the ones who encouraged me to enrol in a writing workshop with them. I had agreed to attend the workshop together and the workshop required us to enrol online. just few nights before, they said that they were going to enrol that night. I even asked 1 of them for the web address. i really thought they had registered their names that night. i, on the other hand, totally forgot about it. So, yesterday evening, I decided to check the website for any vacancy in that workshop and luck was on my side that there was a still a place for me to attend it. The workshop was to be held today at 3pm. However, right after class today (11am), they told me that they had not registered yet. And i really thought that they were going to register themselves at that time because i had told them about my enrollment and besides, we dont have any class during that time. We are supposed to be free that time. Dissappointedly, they did not. We had a lecture from 12 to 2pm. And if they are considerable enough and they actually think about this friend of them, they could just dropped by at the computer lab just for a while to check for the availability of the workshop. But it seemed to me that it never occured to them that it was important to keep your words. I was so damn pissed off at that time. I actually check for the availability of that workshop for them an dtext them just to let them know. But they just did not care about it. So, at the end, I had to attend the workshop alone. So the moral of the story here, you dont have to care about your friends' feelings when they tried to convince to join them doing something. If you think that something is worth your time, then go for it. so that, even if you were left behind at the end of the day, you would still earn somthing. As for me, the workshop was quite a sleeping pill as whatever input provided was just a redundancy of what i d learnt back in my hometown. But its ok. Looking at the bright side, at least it was a good refreshment for me.

After coming back from that workshop, I realised that i d received a parcel. I knew it must be one of the items i bought from trade me. haha the famous well known online super market.. yay!! I received my "gothic styled" top... this is the picture of it. It looked nicer in the trademe pic though. haha... but still its nice and comfy. Yeah, I did mentioned before this that i ordered a bouquet of flowers for mum. But I wasnt sure whether my credit card had been accepted or not. i really hope my mum will receive it on monday. Actually, i planned to start with my research paper's assignment tonight. But, since tomorrow is my first day of working as a hotel cleaner, then i guess i should study the workers' manual a bit. Just to provide some prior knowledge before start working tomorrow. Cant imagine how am i gonna work there... never had such experience before. Hope everything goes fine....