waiting at the interislander port. just had quite a long n tiring journey by bus from Christchurch.
gonna reach Wellington at about 1am. huh...never thought that i is gonna sucks this way, man. should take earlier bus n ferry. yeah , btw, i m about to finish my road tour around south island. it was awesome i hv to admit. never had such experience in my whole life till this point of time. yeah, its true.." jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan, tambah pengetahuan...". i met different people of differetn attitude, styles n lifestyles. i learned how to survive and cope with people around me. i learned how to give n take, accept n admit others. i learned to be patient. that s the most important part of this journey. the rest of this journey will be shared later when i have better opportunity in my lovely room with my personal space n time alone with my thoughts n laptop.

my flight to Auckland is at 11.30am this coming Tuesday, 15.07.08. haha u said u prefer not to travel with me.. "ati, dont mention anything... if possible, i dont want to travel with you, ok.." (she who should not be mentioned, 2008). in d first place, i never thought of hating travelling with u, besides, it will only be for a few hours... but since u made tht statement, jus twana clarify sth tht if ur so called best fren didnt abandoned u every now n then, u might not be around us rite? u think i ll mind travelling alone? not at all... luckily u r not s drama queen s ur best fren. but soo sorry to call u a drama queen. its just u made us so confuse either u r just like her or mayb u r not. n it might be just my feeling. haha... its ok. its not something that i would love to share here. i prefer to let the story remain untold. let u experience it by yourself. well, i hate u. haha.. both of u... if u think travelling with me is the last thing for u to do on earth, too bad that u just did that the past 2 weeks.

well, i started my road tour the last 5th July 08 from Picton. travel by bus to Christchurch and had a half-hour break at Kaikoura. Very beautiful place to visit. from Christchurch, travel by car to Queenstown stopped at some places to take photos and breaks. Had my first ski experience there, n thousands of falls..haha...had some painful days aftermath..hahha... down to Invercargill, Dunedin-where All Blacks lost, then back to Christchurch. n now, here i am. In Picton waiting for my ferry to Welli. Cheers... need some break before departing to Welli.