Thank you, Ibu for taking care of for 9 months pluss in your womb and let me explore this world. Thank you too for caring, loving, and educating me for 22 years ever since i was borned.

Thank you, Abah for loving, caring, educating, and providing all the things that i need in life for these 22 years.

Now, that I am 22 years old, I am slowly flying away from my parents' nest to build my very own nest- preferrably not too far away from theirs.

Thank you, friends for your thoughtful birthday wishes, gifts, midnight phone calls for hours (this is specially referring to Zali), and birthday treats -pasts and yet to come (hehe! im waiting, im waiting...).

Special thank you to Kak Mard, K.A, and Acan for celebrating my birthday in Carl's Jr last Thursday. And of course thank you for the super cute and super sweet "Little Atie" and the birthday gift. Love u guys A LOT!

This is the cake that Acan and KA called "Little Atie" coz according to em it looks like me. hahaha! So cute, aite?

This is "Pocoyo". She is a birthday gift from Kak Mard, KA and Acan. I love her coz she is so adorable. And of course I luv em all for buying tis cute lil thing that I always wanted. Tq korang!

"Premier Jour" by Nina Ricci-prezzy from Abah. Really10x like the scent. Woohoo!

A bday gift from Mar and Izzah. I know it was an empty cadbury box wrapped up with a big ribbon. Initially (of course before it went empty), the box was full of home-made blueberry cheese tarts. So nyummy. Freshly made by Mar. Tapi, obviously dah kena balun in one day! Totally forgot to take pic of it while it was still full. Hehe!

Thank you everyone! Luv this year's birthday compared to last year's.



santi said...

happy birthday..