Parked my car near Kerinchi station, dash to Masjid Jamek by LRT as soon as he called me saying he was already on the train. While on the LRT.... lots of things came to my mind:

-how should i great him for the first time?
-where should i stand?
-how should i smile/ should i make my normal face?
-what should i say?

Then, when i finally reached Masjid Jamek, i then, realised there were 2 sides of the station. Damn! The most important thing that i forgot to think while on the LRT: which side will he be waiting for me? I was so nervous by then that i could not think properly while looking at the map. URgh! Then, i seriously didnt know what made me think that he would be coming out from side A. I found a spot, directly opposite the exit, waited there for few minutes... then, he called. He said he was already in front of the ticket counter. I went, "Hah?!!!" Hrmmm... then, "Alamak, i think i tunggu u kat side yg salahlah..." (Dalam hati menyumpah coz habis plan asal aku. Hahaha!)

So, he crossed the road to my side coz we needed to take the LRT back to Kerinchi from this side. I was smiling when i saw him. One thing that poped out in my head was, "Pergh, tinggi giler mamat ni..." And I'm telling you, he was defintely thinking the opposite way of me. Coz the first thing that came out of his mouth was, "Aik, rendah je u ni..." Huh! Yelah I know I'm short not like you.. Nasib baik dia tak cakap, "Aik, gemuknya u ni..." If that was the case, memang nak kene cubit2 lah tuuu...

Okay, now let me give you just the brief details of what happened next...

  • Reached my car only to noticed that i was fined for parking on a yellow line! Darn! Bila aku tak parking situ, takde pun sape2 nak fine org. Time aku park barulah pakcik polis nak nyaman2 org. Aku park sat je pun. Urgh!! Dahlah takde duit nak makan, nak shopping ni kan pulak nk bayar saman.
  • Went to OU. We had our first lunch, watch mv together for the first time, etc. Yeah, basically, that day was the our first time of everything together. It was pretty hard during paying time. I was so used to pay my own stuff, not depending on guys to pay for me. And of course, I have this perception that, it was very ungentleman for a guy to be treated by a girl. Plus, my friends have been advicing me not to be taken advantaged on by a guy on our first meet. So, i found it really hard to make it clear to him when it comes to paying time--especially now, that I am pokai. Also, I can be very kedekut when it comes to treating people who is not so close to me. And I can be very generous to those close ones.
  • Our 1st mv was "The Losers". Yeah, I know it wasnt romantic at all. But, hey! It wasnt that bad after all. Lots of actions and some humours with a lil bit of romance. I think it was better than watching "Iron Man" on a first date. (Sorry Sayang, bukan nak kata pilihan u tak best, tapi memang tak best pun.. hehehe!) Luckily Iron Man was at 6pm. But, of course pity him coz he really wanted to watch it. Me, I always wanted to watch a romantic comedy with my BF. Now, that i finally got the chance to watch mv with my BF, the showing time for Date Night was not suitable for us. *Sigh*
  • Had our dinner together at Mid Valley food court. I was glad that he told me during dinner that he was comfortable with me. He said that was bcoz i am very talkative. Hahaha! Dah tau dah... Even Ibu pun dah agak Atie lebih banyak bebel bila kuar dgn Din. Hurm.. what to do.. that's Atie. I am quite an extrovert person. As Nisah used to called me, "Cibi"! Whatever does that mean, Nisah.
I liked him a lot. From our first meeting, I learned that he was a very possessive man, caring, loving, understanding and have lotsa patience on me. No matter what i said, how angry and pissed i was, no matter how moody i was, he would always remain calm and cool. That's good. Hot and cold. Fire and water. Well, so far everything went good between us. Hope it would remain that way, maybe even better in the future... hopefully.


unknown said...


goooo mak! tgk gmbr!tgk gmbr! ;p

doa moga bahagia memanjang and berkekalan :)

Mata penaku Habis dakwat said...

tq shanis..

will show to u l8r ngehngehngeh!

hey i read ur latest post bout the nite. congrates bout d dance thingy. n i read d comment by 1 anon yg mnyibuk giler. huhu btw, rindu kamu!

unknown said...

hehehe. update taw!

kaaaaaannn... n i think i know who.. haha. but lets just leave it there. :p

rinduuuuuuuuuuuu jugak!!! :(

Anonymous said...

jia you jia you!!! you deserve to be happy~~

Mata penaku Habis dakwat said...

Unknown: sure, ill update. now susah mau online. hehehe... btw, ko kat n mesti sgt byk issue sensasi. gosh! rindu2!

Anonymous: tq dear... hmm.. i wonder who u r...

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nice artikel,,,