This whole is just pre-practicum briefing (I personally think that some of the slots were simply allocated in our schedule to make us stay in college). I would say no matter what the lecturers were trying to brief us these few days- with their experiences lah, refreshing our memories to those teaching theories, etc, were just making me more nervous than I already am. And honestly, when the time comes, I guess we would simply perform according to situations. Bullshit to those theories and approaches. Well, of course they are not totally bullshit. They are important crap that built our believes and knowledge as a new teacher. Okay, enuf with all these academic crap. Basically, my point is, why can we have shorter briefing sessions? Why can't it be a 3-days pre-practicum briefing. Why it has to take our whole week? It wasn't like we were paying attention at all in the hall. Some were ipod-ing, surfing d net, doodling, gossipping, staring blankly on the lecturer (this includes me!), and even sleeping + snoring happily. I would rather stay in my room and prepare my teaching props in my sweet times.

This afternoon, right after me, k mard, dzt n hisyam had our early lunch or should i say brunch at UM, we drove along Jln Klang Lama in quest of SMK Taman Yarl. What we read on the internet, and from some people, the school was surrounded by flats and some low-costs housing area. So, I thought the surrounding was something like Pantai Dalam. But, duh~ went we got there, I had a shock of my life. Why? Why???!!!#$%^&*! The school was surrounded by super big houses, which explains why it was so difficult for us to find the school. Hahaha! Gosh! Now I am wondering how are the kids, the teachers, the expectations and the students' command of English.

Okay, what ever it is, wish me luck, folks... I am going to continue with my teaching materials preparation. Hehehe! Skempus (skema nak mampus) tak aku??? Hahahah!