Some people were born mean, evil and heartless. That's why... People make mistakes.. Heartless people dont know how to forgive if not forget. Proud to see people whom they used to love and care being punished without being given the chance to explain or correct.

There are things better left untold. Not everything can be shared with everyone, even to those who claim they are opened to honesty. Yup, honesty is the best policy. But, honesty is also  harsh and painful. Mind you,not everyone can bear the pain. Before calling people names, think it through first. Ask this question over and over again. "Have I ever lied to my best buddies?" Im sure doesnt matter how saint you are, the answer would be, yes! Even the slightest and the smallest lie is still a lie. Ait? When you badmouthed one of your best buddies to the rest of them, would you finally tell that person the whole truth about it even after the both of you have come to good terms. You might have done the same mistakes before. Does not mean that your faults were not exposed, you are free of one.

Think about it folks!


Anonymous said...

i am one of your best buddies...:-). but i dont think i belong to THAT category (the one u mentioned) :-)

POPO dabooommmm! :')

Mata penaku Habis dakwat said...

Haha popopompom! Miss u!! Bila mau dtg umh kite ni pops