Today is a fine day. And of course there are reasons for it. Firstly, yup, the is literally clear, blue with just the pefect amount of sunlight. Secondly, I have no class today, except for the relief classes. My 2a5, 1 Bestari and 1a4 were given holidays as they classrooms are going to be used for the PMR exam. Yay! I know Im bad for bein happy. but, if you r in my place, been teaching those two super hyper classes for at least 5periods a week respectively, you would definitely undestand tis happiness and freedom that im feeling now.

Thirdly, no more JADUAL ANJAL or expansion classes for the form three students as teir first Pmr paper starts tomorrow. Thank god for that.

Despite all the aforemention joy, Im actually worried of my form three students. they seemed so carefree. honestly, I dont think they are ready. they have been too playful. im vey worried for them. Now, I could only pray for teir success. hopefully, all of the teaches and teir hardwork pays off in the end.