Stopped updating my blog for a while now. Thank you to friends who care about my health condition last week. Happy to be up and running again now, that I am recovered. I started going back to uni last Tuesday. Missing the first week of uni was really not much of an extension holiday especially, to know that I had a lot to catch up on things. Already recieved so many assignments in hand. *double sigh* I seriously think this sem is very hectic and all the subjects are very tough and challenging. On top of all those academic loads, I have Umsa events to organise, Umsa Ball, AGM, social events, BFM concerts' practices every now and then, and not to forget my practicum. I wonder whether I can survive these last few months in Auckland, in terms of financial, studies, and time management.

Last Wednesday, there was a dinner held by Malaysian Deputy Minister of Plantation and Commodity (I dont think this is the correct tittle coz its not long enough, but I guess the Malay version sounds something like this: Timb. Menteri Perusahaan, Perladangan dan Komoditi, kot!). There were 4 Malaysian assocs in Auckland (Umsa, Umno, Petunia, Mapsa) and each assoc was represented by 5 committees. So, overall, there were 20 assoc reps invited that night. But, I was surprised to see the whole cohort 5 aka my juniors, to be there as well. Then, I was told by someone that they bumped onto one of the deligates earlier that day and was invited along to the dinner. If I wasnt there, I would say it was quite unfair to know that Cohort 5 could attend it but not my cohort. But, who cares. I got the free food, and the VIP table as well. Lol~

One deligate was seated in each table so as to say to mingle around with us. I, initially sat with other Umsa's reps and Afiqah from Petunia. We got this pak cik who was so boring and kept on talking about plantation and forestry. I dont mind if u want to talk about such thing to me but, please project your voice so that other people at the other end of the table could hear every single thing you were saying. Plus, you might need to improve on your lecture giving skill. Gosh! I could die of boredom there.

The appetizer was served. Consists of karipap, satay yang sangat sedap, popiah goreng and kuah kacang yang terbaik! Eating the karipap reminded me of how much I missed Malaysian karipap. I was totally in seven heaven coz the karipap was really2 Malaysian-like-karipap. hahaha... And then, comes the satay and kuah kacang. Honestly, I am not a fan of satay. Not at all. Back in Malaysia, the most I could eat was 5 sticks of satay. But this satay was really awesome, and addictive! But, yeah.. nama pun appetizer. Mana nak dapat banyak2 satay. Sorang secucuk sudey~ T_T

Not long after we finished the appetizer, another pakcik aka deligate (kalau aku bahasakan pak cik tu paham2 je lah yang dorang tu adalah deligates hehe...) came to our table and ask one of us to accompany Datin at the VIP table. I was trying to avoid from being picked. Unfortunately, the pak cik straight away pointed to me and said" hah, you, jom teman datin, jom!" Dalam hati, I was like: "Hah! Teman datin??? Tak cukup peneman ke kat meja vip tu?? Matilah aku.. ape modal aku nak borak dengan datin ni. Hish tak pernah umur la aku dok meja vip ni!" Then, to be professional kan... takkan nak tolak2 kat orang lain, very childish lah kan kalau buat macam tu. So, I just followed him to the vip table. Then, I was happy to know that I was seated in between Naomi and Ikhwan. At least, I know these people. Then, when the datin started to speak to me, I found that she was pretty cool after all. Waaaaayyyy better than the pak cik in my previous table. Then, I realised that I was so lucky to be dragged to this table. The datin was actually a Teslian. But of course, it was like yearsss back then. She said, she was in the first batch of tesl in Malaysia. Wow! My super x10 senior! Lol~ We talked about current issues, Auckland, Shopping, Diners, etc2.
The food! Now, come the best part: the main course. Nasi putih, kari ayam yg sgt banyak portionnye, rendang daging, sayur campur, ikan masak kicap yg sedap dan besar betol! I thought that was all. Then, suddenly, they served mee goreng???!!!! I felt like dying bcos of excessive food in my stomach. haha. And of course, I didnt try the noodles. No regret at all. Seriously. Then the dato siap asked the waitresses to bring white breads to each table so that we can eat the bread with kari. You know, Malaysian style... roti dan kari. hahaha. seriously felt like eating at home. Wuaaaa!! Now, I feel home sick again. The dessert consisted of different types of fruits being served. Me and Naomi checked on their menu and saw the price of each of the dishes. They cost around $20 plus per dish. Wow! That's very satisfying. hahaha... Bila lagi kan nak rasa makan free food mewah like that. Hehe...

Oh, the event started around 8 and finished after 10.30pm. But, we were all there around 7pm, and we chow by half past 10. Luckily, we, Umsa people tumpang Naomi's car. I cant imagine having to walk all the way back with full stomach. And so, that was all about the glam dinner despite of the lengthy but informative speeches by the VIPs.