Last Friday, Umsa organised a Dessert Nite at the Knights in Stamford Plaza Hotel. 71 people including the committees attended the event. It was again, a social-officers event. So happy to see satisfaction on everyone's face that night. It was full of awesomeness. The food, place, people, environment. All in all, I would say I was very happy with the flow of the event. It was a very good bargain. $10 for a Dessert Buffet in a hotel! Where can you get such price?? Normal price is $16, okay.

Those who want to complain, shut up, you! Eat my shoes! Not easy to plan on an event while you're being quarantine and had to work on stuff at home. With that much dessert, in such an elegant venue, with such a cheap price, if you got anything to complain on, I will make sure you get one big, nice slap from me, personally! No offence, people. But, if you're offended, do u think I care?? It's just, I was so annoyed with some people, who had so many "cekadak", and simply give out bad comments when they didnt even attend those events! And sometimes, people didnt think before they made any comment. Think about the price, and other factors. If you paid for less than $15 or $20 for an event which the main focus was food, then, dont expect to have a grand ball room or in other word, dont put high expectation on it. You get what you paid for! And for you, who didnt even attend the event(s), dont make judgemental or negative comments based on people's talk.

The Dessert Nite started at 7.45pm and went on up to 10.30pm. But some of us including me, we hang out for a while, chit chatting, making lame jokes, and teasing each others (very Malaysian style, ala2 melepak kat kedai mamak!). We, then, walked down to the harbour. Walking in a very super duper slow pace. We were very hyper, like drunk people maybe because of sugar rush. Excessive consumption of sugar.

Snapped some random pictures... See those 2 jokers?? My friends are weird! I know... Hahaha! But, those are some of the faces that I am gonna miss so much after I left Auckland.. T_T

I got home around half past 12 that night. Really tired. Doze off...


Belacanhangit said...

mabuk dessert xpe..
jgn mabuk laen sudeh!!

singgah sbentar kat blog anda yah!!

misz_A said...

hi... just dropping by..

Mata penaku Habis dakwat said...

Hi all.. hehe takpe singgah2 lah selalu..

alfina said...

ada org komplen ke?


for me, it was a great event. but who am i to judge? give me luxurious sexxay food, i'll shut my mouth up.

The venue is great. Nice location, walking distance. Hotel kan?

Mata penaku Habis dakwat said...

thnx for d compliment. soo happy korg satisfied. n yeah it was a hotel's restrnt.

Takdelah, aku tujukan tu untuk sesetgh org yg tak pergi tapi byk mulut. juga ada kaitan dengan event2 umsa yg lain bukan dessert night ni je.. hehe.

thnx babe