1. Starts off as total strangers
  2. Became acquaintance
  3. Next is friendship
  4. We argue, fight, and tease each other
  5. I want to be there for u... always supporting u no matter what
  6. You hold my hands when others are not looking
  7. Then you touch my face
  8. There's a whisper in our hearts that only we could hear
  9. Start missing each other
  10. Then, it becomes a fully blossomed tree... hehehe

Is this how it normally grows?? Are there some particular stages that should be undergone in orders? What if the process stops at No.9 or earlier? What are the chances of moving to No.10?


dzeti said...

perchentaan ku tiada no 7. atau pgg2 tgn sebelum kapel.

HR agak suci ye kawan2. bukan aku.

Mata penaku Habis dakwat said...

hehee..kalau begitu aku assume aku mungkin xkan dpt No.10 lah kan.. T_T

btw, knp ko kata HR AGAK suci??? heeeeehe

alfina said...

sebab dia kata aku first love dia. jadi dia virgin sket bab2 berchenta ni.

org kata, amatur.