Of laziness, indolence, negligence...

Oh God, I have been neglecting this blog for as long as I could remember.. Was planning to update my practicum experience every week, but it seemed only the first week of practicum was up (and that one could not even be categorised as an update because it was posted quite late too...lol!).

I wanted to blame my hectic life for causing me to totally ignoring my dear blog. When I said "ignore", I really meant it. I seriously have not opened my blog ever since my last post was published.

Yeah, so these are the ups and downs, bits and pieces of my life that you have been missing out:

  • -practicum every Thursdays for 5 weeks, following with 1 week-mon to fri (this 1 week burned 1 week of my mid term break, darn!!!)
  • -BFM practices... dancing, singing, acting every week -very taxing.
  • -Preparation for Umsa Ball which caused too many problems and issues... very irritating!
  • -Never ending assignments and tests being chucked in 2 weeks -like hell!
  • -The Umsa Ball itself -the hard work paid off! (This particular event/ bit of my life will be covered in detail under a post of its own coz it is too special to be ignored)
  • -BFM 1st full rehearsal 2 days ago -now everyone is counting the days to the real performance days...

The list above might not be able to successfully represent my packed, daily schedule, but they are actually enough to make me forgot to comb my hair before i dash out to meetings and practices, eating fruits and neglecting my proper meals because of the lack of time and energy to cook, mounting my laundries for 2 weeks till i had no more clothes to wear (this time I really can't blame my procrastination habit because doing laundry here requires me to be available at home for at least 3 hours which was impossible for the past few weeks), and the most unforgivable part was when I forgot the actual submission date for my assignment which nearly caused me a heart attack!


Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

Mata penaku Habis dakwat said...

Hi there... ur welcome.
Im glad plus surprise that my blog could actually assist someone with his/her asgmnts. May i know which post do u actually referring to?

And... err... what further details would u like to know?

Also, I dont think i can email u any further info coz i dont have ur email address.

Thanks for dropping by.. ;D