Living in boarding school again. Just that now, no more school hours, prep, and co-co xtvts for me. I'm currently staying with my mum and siblings in Sek Tun Fatimah.

I despise registration day. So many people, so many cars, hectic, etc. Plus, some families are just so annoying.

Today is registration day in STF. Menyampah I! I'm staying in Block E; the worst hostel block it is. Very small parking space at the side of the block. So of course, there are so many cars parked there. They simply parked nywer. To start with, I had to fetch my bro from work. But, my car was being surrounded by other cars with no driver. So, how am I suppose to know which car belongs to whom. I hentam aje lah you. Reverse here and there. Struggling to break free. Lol! Then, there was this tree trunk behind my car. I was trying to avoid that trunk. Then, "kaboom!" Shit! Errrr... what was that? I put my gear into P and got down from the car. Check the back of my car. Then I saw some scratches with black paint on my car's bumper. Then, I thought, Aww! This is not good. I looked back and saw this Black Proton Wira. Errr... Did I just bumped onto this car? Aiyaa! Dielah. I looked around for the owner of that car but nobody seemed to show any concern about that car. So, cabut lah beb! I was pretty shocked tho! But, the car was just fine with no scratch or damage.

Siot kan aku.. haha. I know. But, it was an accident. Plus, no harm or damage was involved.

Im goin back to Ipba by bus tomorrow. Umm... I hate the crowd in Pudu. Gal! Pening! Im excited plus worried about my final year in Ipba. What would it be like? Hope everything's gonna be fine.