me : awak sayang saya tak?
him : sayang? Sayangla. mestilah sayang.
me : kenapa mesti tanya sayang? Jawab jela.
him : yela takkan tak sayang pulak
me : sayang banyak mana? (saja nak ngengada dengar jawapan ngarut dia)
him : .......mmmm sebanyak ketumpatan oksigen dibumi
me : (whatever is that?) tapi lama2 oksigen kat bumi makin berkurang.
him : ...alaaa.. mmmm.. sebanyak butir pasir di pantai.
me : tapi pasir kat pantai akan terhakis.
him : ok! Sebanyak pasir di pantai dan dalam laut.

me : kenapa sayang saya?

him :sebab susah nk cari org yg sabar mcm sayang. tak banyak komplen. kalau marah pun sekejap je.sebab sayang faham orang n penyabar. orang jarang msg, nak harapkan orang call, lagilah susah. tapi sayang xda pun nak pertikaikan.

me : yeke? Habis, kalau orang da xsabar, sayang da tak sayang orang lagi la eh?
him : orang tahu tahap kesabaran sayang. n orang tahu sayang mesti dapat sabar dengan orang punya. kalau sayang blh tahan dengan students sayang, xkan xboleh nak bersabar dengan orang.
me : (students tak sama dengan awak sayang.. faham ke saya dengan awak? Lagi sepuluh tahun, mampu ke saya masih bersabar dengan awak?Mugnkin saya tak complain straig to your face sebab tak nak kecilkan hati awak.) kalau kesabaran saya dah sampai limit macamane? sayang faham tak maksud "take for granted"?
 us : .....................

p/s-I think you are taking me for granted. and kalau your sayang to me is gauged by my kesabaran, i think, i already have all the answers to my questions and uncertainties. because fyi, saya bukanlah sepenyabar yang disangka.
Saya suka hari ini. Boleh bangun lewat tanpa kena bebel dengan ibu (sebab sekarang ada alasan penat bangun awal hari2pergi kerja). Bangun jam 9.45pagi dan terus hidangkan breakfast yg ibu dah siapkan lalu teus makan with beloved family. Sidai baju yang disiap dibasuh oleh mesin yg sgt bejasa, main game di tablet sambil guling2 atas katil. kemas bilik, guling lagi di katil. kemas kereta, guling dan sambung main game. angkat baju di jemuran, guling depan tv pule. Nonton tv sambil blogging. hantar cuci gen-2rina yang dah seinci dakinya tu. guling, guling dan guling lagi... menggembirakan kan? This is my definition of a perfect sunday.
Some people were born mean, evil and heartless. That's why... People make mistakes.. Heartless people dont know how to forgive if not forget. Proud to see people whom they used to love and care being punished without being given the chance to explain or correct.

There are things better left untold. Not everything can be shared with everyone, even to those who claim they are opened to honesty. Yup, honesty is the best policy. But, honesty is also  harsh and painful. Mind you,not everyone can bear the pain. Before calling people names, think it through first. Ask this question over and over again. "Have I ever lied to my best buddies?" Im sure doesnt matter how saint you are, the answer would be, yes! Even the slightest and the smallest lie is still a lie. Ait? When you badmouthed one of your best buddies to the rest of them, would you finally tell that person the whole truth about it even after the both of you have come to good terms. You might have done the same mistakes before. Does not mean that your faults were not exposed, you are free of one.

Think about it folks!
Excited! Nervous! Worried! More than they could imagine. that, i could guarantee. I cant help feeling happy seeing those worried faces. happy to know that at least ther are some of them sharing the same feelings with me. pity those who are still unprepared. but then again, it's so last minute. the only thing that i could do now is to pray for their success. may God guide them through the pmr english papers. All the best to all the students and English teachers who had been struggling all these while.
Today is a fine day. And of course there are reasons for it. Firstly, yup, the is literally clear, blue with just the pefect amount of sunlight. Secondly, I have no class today, except for the relief classes. My 2a5, 1 Bestari and 1a4 were given holidays as they classrooms are going to be used for the PMR exam. Yay! I know Im bad for bein happy. but, if you r in my place, been teaching those two super hyper classes for at least 5periods a week respectively, you would definitely undestand tis happiness and freedom that im feeling now.

Thirdly, no more JADUAL ANJAL or expansion classes for the form three students as teir first Pmr paper starts tomorrow. Thank god for that.

Despite all the aforemention joy, Im actually worried of my form three students. they seemed so carefree. honestly, I dont think they are ready. they have been too playful. im vey worried for them. Now, I could only pray for teir success. hopefully, all of the teaches and teir hardwork pays off in the end.