Actually this post refers to things that happened in the past 2days in my life...

What happened??? Hmm nothing much it might sound like, but it sure meant a lot to me.

The last 2 days was obviously Monday and i am glad to announce that i dont have any class on Monday. But, unfortunately had to climb up Anzav avenue to get to the engineering building to attend UMSA meeting.

After the meeting, I walked back and hang out at Intan and Mira's place. Then Intan invited me to have dinner with them. She cooked "ayam masak merah" which was so yummy. So touched with her cook. Coz since ive been living alone, I never cooked a proper meal for myself-dont feel like ccoking.

So happy that at moments like this, I still have people who can make me laugh, smile and pass my days with a bright smile on my face. As if nothing ever happened.

And that day, Intan and her ayam... the ayam just didnt wanna get cooked and caused some chaos... stuck in the fridge, stick together, and there was a moment when i thought Intan was about to soak the chicken in the boiler and put em in the dish washer for some reason.. hahaha LOL!

But the main point here is that all the small things that people never intend to do it, can actually bring happiness to someone. I m so happy that I have Intan and Mira that I can chase after when I need help or some comfort shoulders. Since their place is the nearest to mine amongst all who are close to me. Yeah, definitely not Leen and Noly and Kelsey cause I ll have to swim across oceans to get to them. Haha! Thank God that You always give new hopes and opportunities in my life.

Two sayings that I like to quote here:

"One man's lost is another man's gain."

"When one door is closed, another door will open."