I am soooooo frustrated with myself!

How can I be so stupid and dumb ass???? !#$%^&*!

He was right in front of my eyes!!! well at least for a split second he was, till I turned my back on him. Cos i was so freakin nervous. OMG.. But then.. in a split second too, he was tadaaa vanished! Shit! What the heck was i thinking????

But then, i kinda thankful coz i reacted that way. I cant imagine how my reaction gona be back then. I tend to act funny n awkwardly when i m nervous.

No, Atie.. dont go there. Not just yet. Not now. Not here. Not him!


Anonymous said...

Errrmmmmm... Atie, teruskan usaha murni mu :) Walaupun aku x tau sape die.

hijrah said...

haaa....ni sape plak ni??? details! details!!! D:<

Mata penaku Habis dakwat said...

Haha oh intan usaha itu sungguh tak murni ye... wakakkaaka Baik dilupekan shj ye... sia2 belaka