Today, I, along with a bunch of known and unknown friends... went berjalan2 ke Pasifika Fest. Actly I had to plan a simple outting for Umsa today, so since i wanted to go to the fest, i suggested to d committee about an outting to d fest and walla.. they were cool with it. So, I had to lead the rest of the members to Western Spring Park where the fest was held. Also, Intan, Mira n Hijrah joined the trip.

Met up at 9.30am and took a bus at 10am. We took lots of pics and spent lots of money tooo.. huhu something that I am soo good at. Caught a bus to downtown around 2 something. Then, hang out at Westfield, had our lunch + dinner at the food court. Walked back around 4 or 5, not sure. Gona post some of d pics later. Not today too tired.

Oh God.. I cant think of nythng to write... My mind gone blank and blur... I am distracted by my painful swelling ligamen and this distractful violent movie that Channel 2 is showing!! Hate thriller movie!

And I still HATE YOU! Lol!!