Have you ever felt empty? Like you thought there were so many things right there inside of your "coconut" but, when you try to force all those junks out, it seemed to be empty.. 'Penat aku korek, kosong rupenye..' That's exactly how I feel right now. Feel like there are so many things burdening my head but I stil cant figure any of those out. I am in a very confused state of mind.

In the middle of the confusion, I just felt like doing something beautiful, pretty, cute, and anything that can describe those elements. So I took few snaps of things that contains special momentos and made a montage out of it.

Right now, I am listening to "Atas Nama Cinta" by Rossa which I really like listening to. But, weirdly, tonight everything seems so wrong and I tried to sing along like my normal habit..singing terpekik2..but d words like "namo" keluar from my mouth... So I ended up singing in my heart (bahasa melayunya, nyanyi dalam hati).

Tiba2 rasa rindu nak menconteng scatch book aku tu. Want to doodle, draw n write something but xde inspiration-lah. Like totally no idea what to doodle, what to scatch, which song to play.. haha... Yeah2.. m a weirdo, I know!