One more assignment left..but this girl, stucked in her very looooonggg... hiatus. Only 1 more day before dateline, but did she make any progress? *Shake her head innocently* usual.

Why oh why, it has to be now? Why not few months earlier? Or even better last year?

Why oh why, did she took this path, and not the other path? That route over there that seems so peaceful, or that one over there that looks so bright and promising?

Why oh why, she always chosed a seems-so-vague-and-unpromising route that always brought her to a dead end?

Why oh why, couldnt she take a shorter route so that she wont have to dawdle on her way and coped with her sheer boredom?

Why oh why, cant YOU tell her the truth and make it clear so that she wont have to answer to her own confusions and broke into tears when she couldnt take all the stress any longer?

Why oh why, she had to dawdle in each hiatus and be curious of everything that happened?

Because she is a human and all that she learned was "curiosity kills the cat"--not the human!