Around 28 Umsa people went for ice skating tonight. This was actually Allan's event but, since he was away for his field trip, I took over and helped escorting the member to Avondale rink along with other committees namely our pres, Naomi, Angie, Azhan and KS. Took d 7.50 bus and reached there around 8pm. Everything goes fine and we had a great time ice skating together. Lots of new members turned up which was great! They were very sporting and playful. We skate for about 1 and a half hours and went back around 10pm.

That was my second time of ice skating. The first time was last year in the same place. I didnt find it that hard coz i was quite good with roller blade before. Today, i learned how to skate backward, spin and stop like a pro... duh~ all thanx to iliana (I think thats her full name but we called her ili). she was so good, man! they said she plays ice hockey. not sure whether plays or played... hmmm but whatever it is, she is sooo cool and damn good! I was so exhausted, and my feet were painful coz of the skates. I didnt take any photo though coz i had enough pics from last yr ice skating. But still, i m gonna grab some from Azhan. Oh and it was really freezind cold tonight in the rink unlike last year. I think maybe boz there aint as many people as last time.