This sem I have to take 2 core subjects and 2 electives. Non of these courses have exam. That's the plus point here. The downfall part is the tonness of assignments and 3 tests being crammed in one final week! Giler sakit otak aku... main game! Hahaha bukan belajar pon... but, of courselah aku study akn despite of half of my time devoted to my gamessss... LOL!

One of the 2 core courses is an online course. We have no lectures to attend, no tutorial class, no need to see the lecturers... which is awesome, eyh! haha! We just have spend some times on the laptop, cracking our heads for a 600-words essay every once a while. We had 3 discussions and have to submit an essay for each discussion, provide at least 2 comments to others' essays, and write replies to comments made to our essays. Sounds easy? Memang easy pon sebenarnye. The difficult part was just to start the essay because we were only given a stimulation-kind-of question, and we had to find our own issue and context of discussion. That's the most difficult part for me.

Right before I write this post, I just did my on-line test for that course. We had 1 hr 30mins to answer the test. It was awesome. First time amik test on-line. Kinda awkward actually because I am so used to coming to the exam hall prepared, mentally and physically prepared. And just now, I had to take the test with my pyjamas on, surrounded by food, books, basically i didnt feel like i was taking an academic test. Since there was no lecture for this course, so I took the exam unprepared hahaha! But ok je... it was like dicussion style...

I like that course-EDUC 384 because it was interesting to experience an on-line learning experience. No lectures, no lecture notes to read n memorise so that we can muntahkn balik everything during exams, can do the task anytime suits me and best of all... can study while playign games! hahaha!

EDUC 384 rocks!!!
but my LT 303 test tomorrow... sooo gonna die!