I always wonder whether you will stay the same?
Well at least, having the same feeling about us.
Are you going to be a better person?
And taking your life even more seriously?

What if I ask you to wait for few more months,
Will you still be there?
Waiting for me perhaps as a better you?
Or will you turn your back to someone better?

I am still waiting, waiting for your answer,
Waiting for an affirmative assurance.
So that I wont have to keep on wondering
About all the uncertainties in my mind.

Would you try to learn me then?
Try to understand that my life differs than yours.
Would you be so kind to hold my hand?
When I almost lost grip of my life?

Will you still be patient when I lost mine?
Will you stick by my side till the end?
Will you still be the same when I changed?
Will you start talking when I am filled with silence?

With so many questions without answers,
Only one I’m desperate for answer at the moment.
And that is the one that I don’t dare to ask
Coz I am too afraid to know what the answer might be like.

P/s- this is what you get when your brain deviates too much from its original task.... Off-tasking is my expertise.