It's not easy u know.. to express everything. Especially to u. I hate u but somehow I do think that I love u. I wanna be mad at u, but when u're there, I just couldnt blurt out d madness. I was so frustrated that I felt like crying and shouting at u so that u know and realise that your feeling is not the only thing that matter here! Care about mine as well, would you???

It's not about who bored who, or who is d boring one. It's about being tolerance and understanding. We r lacked of those. I know, but u dont. All that u know is me being ignorance, and u being disappointed. How about turning the table the other way around?

I have been trying to be as reasonable as possible. Sometimes.. NO! Most of the times, I felt that you're taking me for granted. Taking my patience and love for granted. Don't, coz I might not still be waiting for u tomorrow.

Indeed, at this point when Im writing this, I feel like my feelings toward you are starting to erode slowly piece by piece. You took me for granted... I am not gonna wait for you any longer. I am so tired of this. Not of you, but of your attitude!