Why oh why do I have to take this paper- Linguistics 307: English Worldwide (at least that's what i think the name of the course)?

I had Lingo paper at 2pm today. Been struggling to cram everything into this little coconut up hear inside my head. Damn... if I could scan d electrons inside my brain, n d storage system up there, I guess, it would definitely look like what my mum would call as "sarang tikus" or "pusat pelupusan sampah"! Everything has gone haywire. Mixed up everything here and there. Well, of course, I managed to finish reading all the notes and quite a number of pages in the prescribed textbook... I would really love to use the word "study". But, I highly doubt that any learning ever took place throughout the reading process. Lol!

It was the worst feeling I have ever had prior to sitting for a test/exam. Very unprepared, and useless. The test was yet to start but, I already felt like I might screw that one up. *sigh* History has always been my weakest subject at school. Why do I have to take a history of ENGLISH pulak now??? Why???

Really hope, I wont flunk this course.