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One day (indeed, almost everyday), a girl named Alice called her so called boy friend at around 9pm. However, because their relationship is a LDR (long distance relationship or "Cinta antara Benua"), it was around 5pm for the boyfriend. Let's call the boy, Eric. So, yeah Eric picked up the phone and they talked for no longer than 2 mins, maybe. Eric asked Alice to call him back at around 1am, Eric's time. 1am??!!! Doesn't it mean 5am, Alice time??!! Yes! That's true. Eric knew this fact. But, he still tried to persuade Alice to call him at that time. Alice somehow bought Eric's sweet talk though she did feel a lil frustrated on Eric's inconsideration towards her.

That night, Alice was so tired and sleepy. She really wanted to go to bed. But, she knew if she were to sleep now, she would not wake up at 5am to call Eric. So, she decided to stay awake till 5am and called Eric. While she was waiting for the time to slowly pass by, she reflected how she was treated by Eric ever since she became Eric's gf. Eric is always a good, nice guy. But, he was so insensitive towards Alice. It seemed to her that Eric likes to take her for granted. She has always been the one to make the effort in their relationship. She hates waiting. But then, she really wanted to make this relationship works. Plus, they rarely had the chance to talk on the phone for more than 10mins without interference and distraction by his friends. So, she tried to be positive and ignored all the negative sensations she had all inside her.

It finally 5am! Yay!!! Alice was so excited to call Eric. Firstly, because they have not had a serious, lovey dovey conversation for quite some times. Secondly, because it also means that she could go to bed right after the call. She, dialled Eric's number and waited for him to pick it up. Once, twice....... the 27th time, and counting... Eric still had not picked up the phone. Alice's patience was being tested that night. She wanted to give up. But, on a second, third, fourth thoughts, after those hours that she had to stay up just to make that one call to Eric, and now, she wanted to give up just like that?? No way... She tried to comfort herself by saying that Eric might be in the toilet, or watching tv and left his phone in the room AS ALWAYS. She kept on trying and trying and trying, until finally... Eric picked it up! Wow! It was a miracle! He apologised and said that he was on the bike and now he was hanging out with his friend. At this point, Alice knew that that night would be just like any other night, when she would be neglected and hurt by Eric. But still, she tried to remain as positive as possible. She was trying to sound cool and happy even though she was very sleepy, frustrated and almost break down into tears.

Eric did not realise this, of course. He was so happy telling Alice about his day. He then asked Alice about Alice's day just to make things equal, I guess. Alice started to feel that there is still hope in their relationship. Alice was telling Eric about her day, only to be interrupted by a boisterous laughter, after telling 2 sentences of her story. It was very noisy and it was very hard for Alice to hear exactly what been said by whom. Then, she realised, that she had been talking alone to the phone because Eric was chatting with his friendssss right after he asked Alice about her day. Alice immediately went to silence and she tried to listen to the boy's conversation. But all that she could make sense was Eric's laughters followed by his friends'. After about 5mins Eric leaving Alice alone on the other side of the line, he returned back to the phone maybe when he realised that he was still on the phone with his girlfriend. He continued the conversation as if nothing happened, as if he has always been talking to Alice from the beginning. Alice really could not take it anymore. She would definitely going to break down if she remained on the phone. So, she told Eric that she wanted to go to bed as she was very tired. And, AS ALWAYS, that's how their phone call ended.

After that phone call, Alice came to her sense and put her pride, senses, and thoughts before her emotions. That was not the first or second time Eric that to her. She even told Eric what she felt everytime Eric did that to her. But, still the same things continued to happen. She knew that Eric loved her, but the love was not portrayed thru his actions. She sacrificed her time, energy, and of course, money for him. She was the one who made all the phone calls. She never demanded Eric to call her because she understood that they were both not working, and it was more expensive for Eric to call Alice. However, Eric should at least, texted Alice once a while. At least, once a week. It wasn't expensive at all to leave a simple text to Alice. Alice had been telling Eric the same thing and Eric's respond was always, "Okay, I will." and of course, no, he never leave a single text. He even requested Alice to call him very late at night without considering about Alice's condition, her sleep, her class the next day, etc though, he had been reminded by Alice about the time gap.

Not just that, Eric did not have internet at home. He had to surf the net in the nearby restaurant with free wifi. Thus, Alice and Eric never got the chance to chat/see each other thru video conference. It was just because Eric said he was too lazy to surf the net which left them with the only option to keep in touch thru Alice calling him. It was not cheap for Alice to call Eric, you know... Though, it was cheaper than Eric calling her, but still, it wasw still expensive. Alice decided not to call Eric anymore and instead, she just left an offline message to Eric, hoping that he would go online oneday, and read the message. Alice thought that, Eric would definitely try to contact her if he missed her sooner or later. But, all that she received was another offline message. Not a single text, still.

P/s- Apa yang Yuna dok nyanyi pasal "Cinta Sempurna" dalam lagu die tu??? Sempurnakah cinta ni?


Anonymous said...

ya allah sedihnya!! kesian alice T_T

Anonymous said...

hey babe, hang on there. totally feel you coz i had been there when most of the time you feel taken for granted by your partner, and for my case we didn't end well. I guess deep down it all depends on you. Whether you feel that you deserve the best and not to be pushed around, or you could strive for another 3 months till you return to malaysia in hopes of a better relationship, minus the distance and time difference. I know it must have been so tiring and weary, going through nights with such insecurities... Well, if you need a hug, you know where to go ;)