Yesterday was the last assignment submission. We also had to present our practical reports and findings. I cant really describe how I felt after submitting the last assignment and after our lengthy, super boring presentation finished. So relieved, free, carefree, yadaa yadaa yadaa. Ehem tho, of course I am aware of those two papers that I have in 2 weeks time. They are pretty tough papers. Bet I am gonna struggle to score for those papers. Would love to get an A for Educ paper. For Linguistic, B would be good enough. But, of course A is most appreciated.

We are almost there. It is almost the end of the chapter of my life as a student in Auckland. Yesterday, when Dzeti took our pictures signing on our very last assignment cover sheet, it struck me that this sem is almost done. And that before we even realise it, we are already running our hectic life back in Ipba. Hmmm... then I thought, well, this is life.

We went to Ayuthaya after submitting the assignment and had a big feast there. Ordered a lot. Sharing with loved ones almost bring the joy and memories of home back. Menu on the table yesterday: Hot sizzling chicken, seafood tomyam, fried chicken, stimmed fish, and chicken padprik (I think). Me and Hisyam ordered 2 plates of rice. Haha... I am so tamak, I know. Actually 1 is more than enough coz I was quite full eating the 1st plate. So tamak wanna eat 2 plates jugak.

Then, Min n pkah had to go to work. So, me, Dzeti n Hisyam strolled along K rd. I just couldnt resist the accessories in this 1 shop dnt know the name. But they were closing that time. I hate having to rush while shopping. Tak boleh fikir.. hellloooo~ So, I just grabbed this 1 very sweet ring. Thanks to my advisors: Dzeti (but yesterday, Hisyam was also promoted to become my fashion advisor tho according to Dzeti, his taste lain sikit haha). Whatever, they both voted for this ring...

I got home, checked my mails and facebook (checking my cafe and theme park actually). Then, I was so sleepy maybe because I didnt sleep last night finishing my assignments. So, I decided to sleep til midnight and do a massive cleaning to the house. But, I ended up waking up at 7am. Haha. Getting back my beauty sleep.

Today is a gud day. Open my eyes this morning, looked outside the window, I saw pretty, bright sunshine.. the cloud moving very fast, implies that it was windy outside. Good! Warm bright sunshine, with chill wind. I loike! Then, called him. This is the best part of the day. Starts the day with a sleepy voice of the loved one.


pika pikah said...

"Starts the day with a sleepy voice of the loved one."

used to enjoy that too. but not anymore. *sob sob*