U re like chipsmore biscuits... Now I see u... Now I dont... You could be anywhere.. anytime.. ure always there at odd times. when I least expected you., then there you were.

Last night (it was morning for me, but night for you) chat, was one deep and special one after leaving me clueless for about a month or so. What is it about this 'thing' that we have? That makes me attach to you after letting myself hurt by u. But, yeah... I bought your excuses coz I have to be understanding and realistic... this relationship aint as simple as it might seem in the beginning. I am glad that u could understand that. And I am happy that you admit what u had done to my heart. It's good enough... for now.

Well, I am not an angel or a saint. To be honest, even now, I still wish that I could get someone better than you. So, pardon me if I moved on when i met someone better. Im not yours yet, you know... I am still as free as I could be. Your love is still not strong enough to convince and secure a place inside my heart. You hope that I wont lose my faith and hope in you... just so you know, I have been trying very hard to keep that faith and hope strong ever since we were together. And I am still trying.... This might sound so harsh but, that's the reality of life. What is most important now is that, u re very special in your own way to me. And I guess thats the 'thing' that make me stick to you hopefully forever... I foreshadow bumpy roads ahead of our journey. Wish we both will be stronger till that time so that we could face the obstacles together.


pika pikah said...

awww so shweet. yesza kalau dia ignore hang, dump n carik baru ja! yeah!!! (mood xtreme pas mnum energy drink)

Nigel J. W. Ong said...

ati. i have a suggestion for you.

go and listen to some lagu rock kapak cintan... mesti layan habislah feeling ko skang..

Mata penaku Habis dakwat said...

pikah: yesza... tapi syg la nak dump die. hehe but everythng is gud now. XD im luving him! hehe

nigel: ihik... memang dah lama lyn lagu2 rock kapak yg jiwang tu sume, nigel.... mmg kasi tambah emo aku