Okay, this post is very outdated. I was planning to write this as soon as I reached home but, I just could not find the right time to force myself to write.

I drove back to JB with my 2 adik2 and my cousin from KL on Saturday morning. Early morning after Subuh around 7am. The hihghway was clear, not many cars only at several areas like Nilai, and few areas in Johor. But, overall, I had a smooth driving that Saturday. Drove around 100-120km/hr and reached Kulai around 10.15am. Reached STF(since my mum's second house is in the STF hostel) almost 11. I was having headache ever since I was in Machap area. Thus, I slept almost the whole day after I reached STF.

I got to break fast with my family this one last week of Ramadhan. Yay! Ibu cooked like a lot of special dishes that day like Pari Bakar with Sambal Udang Kering.

Ibu had to stay in STF the next day to finish her work and had a meeting with the principle. So, we had to stay one more day in STF before going back to our real home in PG. Oooo yeah!