Back to school! Gosh! Why?! Malas giler ok after 2 weeks break tiba2 kene bgn awal. well, at home pun plg lewat bgn 8 something. As Im writing this post, Im eating the super delicious McShaker Fries yg dinanti2 dah bertahun2 lamanya (so, pls excuse my shortforms-im typing wtih my left hands only). I remembered wen I was in form 1 or standard 6, McD did come out with Fries Shake2 ni but it was a diff flavour than now if im not mistaken. So, wen it finally out again, i just could not resist the temptation. Nyum2!

Ok, that's not d point. D point is, yesterday, some of my students from 2Y gave me a prezzy-pink head scarf. Sooo sweet n pretty. They gave me as a token of appreciation for helping them wit their skit competition. Well, honestly, I dont expect anything in return. Really. But, that was so sweet of them. Thanks girls! Hope you win the competition.