Okay, this is a story being told by a trainee teacher. BEfore I started my practicum, I always being warned that being in school with senior teachers and me, being the trainee will entitle me for more challenging experience. They always said that the trainees will be bullied by the more senior teachers. Well, for the first few weeks in TY-short form for my school now, I thought that TY teachers were not like that. But, guess what? I was wrong!

Well, of course this does not imply to all teachers, only to few. I don't mind being given work, or to be askes to be in charge for something as long as it is given to me professionally. Im nobody's slave or servant. You want me to do something, say it nicely. Nice does not mean talk to me like Im the Queen or with super sweet voice. Nice here means, to say politely and not making me feel like Im obliged to do something that is not actually my job. (They use the word please or "tolong" but, they way they put it is as if, you can't say no to it.) For example, "Tolong2 lah sikit ye." And the conversation started with,
"Tomorrow, ade buat kerje ape2 tak?" The list of Pembahagian tugas was out even before the 2-weeks break, so, you out of so many people should have a good excess to it. If you want us or me to do extra work, just say it, "Okay, I know that you are in this X team, but, if you have nothing to do tomorrow, could you help me with team Y?" Oh, gosh! Ni dengan nada memerintah dia yg sgt annoying. I knew she had been giving hint to me ever since in the stuff room. But, what the heck, she was talking to another teacher sitting next to me. If you expect me to interrupt and volunteer, GTH! You want to talk to me, talk to me professionally not berkias2 dengan cikgu lain dengan harapan I would hear you.

Yes, you are very friendly and all. But, I just think that as you are in the barisan pentadbir, maybe you should work on your people skills, your interpersonal skills. So do the other ....... in the admin. Learn or read up about professionalism or leadership skills. Im sure it would help both you and the school.

~Thank You~