The most boring, eye-soring, mind-blowing lecture I've ever attended. My unprepared mind plus my severe headache added on to the sheer boredom I was having. Despite of all those, Penny (our lovely, normally enthusiastic lecturer) seemed to be unprepared and kinda blur herself.

She asked us to read 2 case studies in pairs when the summary and findings of those studies had been laid out on the slides handouts... duh~ who wants to read those studies. Intan and me went on searching for interesting 'lexical' items instead and these are the 'lexical' items that we found as striking, 'prominent', and interesting to be ponded upon from the 2 case studies:

1. pidginization
2. 'money-girl'
3. Hawaii
4. prostitute
5. Kasper-sky
6. Norton (2001)

Hahaha... we are like sooo LOL (an example of pidginization!--according to Intan).

And, returned home only to found that Woosh Internet, sucksssss!!!! No signal up till 11pm. Am not d only person having such problem, i guess other Woosh users were cursing Woosh like hell as well. Intan and Mira also facing the same problem... bet d rest too....