Life aint a fairy tale
Every journey will come to an end
No such thing as a never ending story
Nor living happily ever after
Happy now but suffer later

No fairy godmother or tooth fairy
to come to d rescue nor grant all ur wishes to come true
So dont expect a perfect prince charming to come to ur way riding a macho black horse
Cos all that u might get is someone good looking enough only to tear ur heart apart

I guess this is just what I realised from my life
That fairy tales only exist in story books
I have to be more real about what lies for me
Instead of running away trying to build my own fairy tale

What's the purpose of smiling
If the only thing I can do is to burst into tears
What's the purpose of facing you
If all that ill bring is pressure and anger

But now I know
that life aint a fairy tale
but my life sure is
A colurful story to tell...


hafiz CHouJi said...

Life is a neverending learning -
of ourselves,
of other people,
of the world,
and of our Creator.

Life is a series of mixed feelings -
we feel happy,
we feel sad,
we feel anxious,
and we can get confused
with all these altogether.

But most importantly,
Life is a ground of opportunity -
it depends mainly on us to seize opportunities by their hand.