Yesterday was the last assignment submission. We also had to present our practical reports and findings. I cant really describe how I felt after submitting the last assignment and after our lengthy, super boring presentation finished. So relieved, free, carefree, yadaa yadaa yadaa. Ehem tho, of course I am aware of those two papers that I have in 2 weeks time. They are pretty tough papers. Bet I am gonna struggle to score for those papers. Would love to get an A for Educ paper. For Linguistic, B would be good enough. But, of course A is most appreciated.

We are almost there. It is almost the end of the chapter of my life as a student in Auckland. Yesterday, when Dzeti took our pictures signing on our very last assignment cover sheet, it struck me that this sem is almost done. And that before we even realise it, we are already running our hectic life back in Ipba. Hmmm... then I thought, well, this is life.

We went to Ayuthaya after submitting the assignment and had a big feast there. Ordered a lot. Sharing with loved ones almost bring the joy and memories of home back. Menu on the table yesterday: Hot sizzling chicken, seafood tomyam, fried chicken, stimmed fish, and chicken padprik (I think). Me and Hisyam ordered 2 plates of rice. Haha... I am so tamak, I know. Actually 1 is more than enough coz I was quite full eating the 1st plate. So tamak wanna eat 2 plates jugak.

Then, Min n pkah had to go to work. So, me, Dzeti n Hisyam strolled along K rd. I just couldnt resist the accessories in this 1 shop dnt know the name. But they were closing that time. I hate having to rush while shopping. Tak boleh fikir.. hellloooo~ So, I just grabbed this 1 very sweet ring. Thanks to my advisors: Dzeti (but yesterday, Hisyam was also promoted to become my fashion advisor tho according to Dzeti, his taste lain sikit haha). Whatever, they both voted for this ring...

I got home, checked my mails and facebook (checking my cafe and theme park actually). Then, I was so sleepy maybe because I didnt sleep last night finishing my assignments. So, I decided to sleep til midnight and do a massive cleaning to the house. But, I ended up waking up at 7am. Haha. Getting back my beauty sleep.

Today is a gud day. Open my eyes this morning, looked outside the window, I saw pretty, bright sunshine.. the cloud moving very fast, implies that it was windy outside. Good! Warm bright sunshine, with chill wind. I loike! Then, called him. This is the best part of the day. Starts the day with a sleepy voice of the loved one.
U re like chipsmore biscuits... Now I see u... Now I dont... You could be anywhere.. anytime.. ure always there at odd times. when I least expected you., then there you were.

Last night (it was morning for me, but night for you) chat, was one deep and special one after leaving me clueless for about a month or so. What is it about this 'thing' that we have? That makes me attach to you after letting myself hurt by u. But, yeah... I bought your excuses coz I have to be understanding and realistic... this relationship aint as simple as it might seem in the beginning. I am glad that u could understand that. And I am happy that you admit what u had done to my heart. It's good enough... for now.

Well, I am not an angel or a saint. To be honest, even now, I still wish that I could get someone better than you. So, pardon me if I moved on when i met someone better. Im not yours yet, you know... I am still as free as I could be. Your love is still not strong enough to convince and secure a place inside my heart. You hope that I wont lose my faith and hope in you... just so you know, I have been trying very hard to keep that faith and hope strong ever since we were together. And I am still trying.... This might sound so harsh but, that's the reality of life. What is most important now is that, u re very special in your own way to me. And I guess thats the 'thing' that make me stick to you hopefully forever... I foreshadow bumpy roads ahead of our journey. Wish we both will be stronger till that time so that we could face the obstacles together.
This is the last week of lecture. LAST ok??!! This sem is one hectic, crazy, challenging, mind-boggling, patience testing sem. So much pressure and stress to cope. So many things to bear in mind. And now... we are at the edge of it. That's it? We are almost done for this sem? Time flies so fast... If only I could pause, rewind and edit the time frame and my life recording just like I edit my pictures and video clips.... hmmm...

What was I up to in these few last days of lecture week? Check these out...

We only had classes on Tuesday and Wednesday this sem. Tuesday: Housekeeping Meeting with Sheryll in the morning (which I skipped 80% of those meetings), Pro. Development at noon, and 2-hours lecture from 4 to 6pm. Such big gaps in between each classes. Thus, we ended up, picnic-ing at Albert Park next to the uni. It's Spring, Yo! Bright sunlight is always welcome. Been here for 2 years made me understand why omputeh ni sume suka sangat matahari.... the above picture is my favourite building. The one I mentioned before that changed colour every season. Awesome aint it? Now, it is all green. Sangat tantek.. I loike!!! Me, Dzeti, Pkah, Acap, Faris and Dyau were on our way to Queen St to get our $5 kebabs for lunch. Promo! $5 damn cheap!

I loike spring!!! The colours are just so breath taking. Taken in Albert Park. We finished our Pro Dev early that day. So, had about 3 hours gap before the next class.

Me and the girls were chilling out, gossipping, camwhoring...

Such a beatiful day to picnic despite of the scattered rain.

Hehe... Da Sistas.. Same tak. Mata tu kan sama hehee...

Bunga2 yang sangat cantik...

~The End~
Pepatah melayu ada kata: "Yang patah tumbuh, Yang hilang berganti." Betul ke? Sahih ke pepatah ni? Kalau nak buat academic writing, lecturers selalu pesan: "You should not generalise something." Memangla betul, yang patah akan tumbuh semula. Tapi, adakah semua benda yang patah boleh tumbuh balik? Gelang aku patah, terus kene buang je.. Dahan pokok depan rumah aku masa kecik2 patah, tak tumbuh-tumbuh pun sampailah akhirnya pokok tu dah kene tebang pun sekarang. Barang2 aku yang hilang, sampai la ni.. banyak je yang tak ketemu semula. Dah nama pun hilang.. kalau jumpa, taklah dipanggil hilang.

Fine, aku faham pepatah tu sebenarnya nak tunjukkan yang tak semua musibah yang menimpa tu akan terus-terusan membawa bala. Setiap benda yang berlaku tu ada hikmahnya. Walaupun gelang aku patah dan tak boleh tumbuh balik, tapi, aku tetap dapat ganti gelang yang patah tu dengan yang baru. Barang2 yang hilang pun akhirnya, akan diganti dengan yang baru. Tapi, semestinyalah barang2 yang menjadi pengganti barang2 asal tu tak sama nilai dan rupanya dengan yang lama.

Kawan2 yang pergi, yang hilang dah tak dengar berita sampai sekarang, yang dah tak dapat nak jumpa lagi... Memangla kawan tu bukan seorang. "Berkawan biar beribu, berkasih biar satu..." Allan pernah cakap dekat aku something that goes along these lines, "You dont have to feel sad. Once you got home, you will meet all your friends and family, make new friends, and make new memories. Sooner or later, you will forget all the good memories you had back here in Auckland and you will leave the sadness you feel now before leaving us." ... Sungguh menyayat hati kata2 tu... Allan, Allan... such a wise man, I am lucky to get to know.

But then again, its true that I will meet more people, new people as this journey goes on. Yet, each individual that I met is unique in his/her own way. They left some remarkable marks and memories in my heart. Kawan2 tak boleh dijual beli macam kite beli, jual kawan2 kat dalam Facebook tu. Kawan2 tak boleh ditukar ganti sebab setiap seorang kawan tu berbeza. So, dalam kes ni, aku tak rasa yang patah boleh tumbuh lagi dan yang hilang akan berganti. Seorang kawan baik aku dah pergi buat selama-lamanya... walaupun aku ada kawan2 baik yang lain, tapi kawan2 baik yang ada ni bukanlah pengganti arwah beliau. Al-Fatihah buat arwah Nur Atiqah Rumain. Moga rohnya sentiasa aman dan dicucuri rahmatNya.

Point penting entry ni sebenarnya hanyalah nak emphasis on what I felt during and after Umsa Committee Appreciation Dinner tadi. So touched by Angie's notes and wishes. And, I didnt dare to read the notes and wishes left by everyone in Turkish Delight. Coz I was afraid that I would cry. haha.. Atie is a cry baby you know... "I know you dont know" (Faris, 200x). LOL! At times, I did reflect and ponder upon the journey that I took in my life. Sometimes I felt how unfair this life is. These 2 years of my life in Auckland will be ashes in few years time. Its as if I never been here. Some people who study in local unis, they could still show to their kids and grand children later on the uni where they graduated. For me, everything is merely based on my poor memory and moments caught in pictures. I might not be able to meet all the people I met and know here in NZ. These 2 years experience is like an Oxygen atom in water molecule. It is just one part of my life but, without these 2 precious years, I wont be who I am or what i will become. Like the water molecule, without the Oxygen atom, there wont be any water molecule to make up the H2O.

Tinggal satu saja esaimon yang perlu disubmit... tapi, kan ade 2 paper sem ni? Takpe... sekarangkan tengah cakap pasal esaimon... saya tetap happy!

Assignment Ling 307 dapat A-.... Alhamdulillah... (pelik betul. Dari zaman sekolah lagi. Bila aku seriously expect dapat teruk or fail, mesti dapat the other way round. Bila rasa boleh skor, mesti fail takpun dapat D) ... mestilah kena happy!

Aku dapat kamera pertama aku, kalau tak silap masa aku darjah 3. Abah belikan sebab aku lulus PTS. Beberapa tahun lepas tu, dalam form 2 kamera tu rosak sebab banyak kali terhentak. Sangat sedih. Selepas itu, tiada lagi kamera bagiku. Bukan sebab Abah tak mau beli, entahlah.. mungkin sebab aku sendiri tak pernah mintak. Lagipun, pada aku, buat apa nak banyak2 kamera. Ibu dah ada digi cam. Nak pakai, pinjam lah. Bila aku masuk kolej, ada banyak kali juga terniat nak beli kamera. Bukan tak mampu.. entahlah.. masih juge tak pasti kenapa aku masih tak beli2 kamera. Sebelum fly ke Auckland, lebih kurang 2 tahun yang lalu, memang dah nekad nak beli kamera sebab mestilah nak abadikan kenangan2 selama di perantauan... tapi, tak jugak beli.

Akhirnya, beberapa bulan sampai Auckland, aku beli digi cam online kat trademe. Beli $300, dah lah xde brand. Bila camera tu sampai, dicuba2, sungguhlah hampa. Bukanlah sebab camera tu rosak. Cuma, pada aku, dengan harga $300 yang aku beli tu, aku boleh dapat camera yg betul2 elok dengan kualiti yg baik. Flash camera tu, bunyinya sungguh lah clasic. Hahaha... Takpe2... sekarang kamera tu telah pun aku jual dengan harga $90. Bodoh juge rasanya. Halalkan je lah... pengajaran. Tak jadi camtu, semua benda kat internet tu aku nak borong!

Hari ni... walaupun aku tiada kamera canggih berlensa panjang (kalau boleh, lagi panjang lagi hebat... kalau boleh nak yang sedepa: merujuk pada dslr -lah.. jgn marah), dengan hanya berbekalkan hp nokia N70 aku yang suke hang macam siput sedut, yang suke2 hati die je nak receive text ke tak, yang text tak reti2 nak kuar ringtone, aku dapat juga mengabadikan sesuatu yang indah... tak perlu pakai lensa panjang2.. cukup dengan lensa semulajadi mata aku ni untuk jadi pengukur.. dah cukup.. tapi, semestinyalah tak boleh tandingi lensa orang yang sedepa panjang tu kan (yelaa akur la... akuila jugak kehebatan lensa panjang2 yang berat nak mampuih tu~).

Gambar-gambar di atas adalah hak cipta terpelihara dan terpulihara oleh saya sepenuhnya. Hehe atas usaha gigih menggunakan Nokia N70. Pokok tu adalah pokok feberet gua terletak dalam kawasan university aku, berhadapan dengan the Old Government House. Tapak tempat orang buat graduation every Autumn and Spring. Aku panggil pokok tu "The Wise Tree". Kenapa? Sebabnya, pokok tu dah berusia paling kurang lebih 500 tahun. Mana aku tahu? Tengoklah saiz batang pokok tu. Saiz batang pokoklah pengukur usia pokok. Usia University aku je dah 100 tahun kalau tak silap akulah. Mungkin lebih juge. Pokok tu dah lihat beratus-ratus generasi manusia datang dan pergi. Pokok tu dah saksikan beribu-ribu orang graduate kat University yg tersohor ni. Sebab tu aku namakn pokok tu "The Wise Tree".

I know.. I know.. suka-suka aku je nak namakan pokok. So what? It looks wise enough in my pictures.
Haiiiiii, blog!!! Ape khabar blog?? Saye rindu bangat sama kamu... ihik. Lama betul tak jenguk kamu... Kamu kelihatan makin pink sekarang. Bagus2... I loike!!!

*Gosh, Atie... (rolling eyes)*

Wassup with me?? Hmmm.. nothing....... as this dot dot dot continues.. I am thinking of excuses so that I could put the blame on it for making Atie not updating her blog. Let's see... where did we stop?? Yeah.. "penantian Syawal" that seemed tooooo long. Hehe... so many people been complaining to me lately; "Weh, ko ni.. tak abes abes penantian Syawal. Asal bukak je penantian Syawal. Syawal dah nak abes da pun.." Yelah2 saye tukar ler.

Let's first put the blame on Umsa final event and AGM, next was assignmentsss, financial crisis (which I myself cant see its relation with my outdated blog), games addiction and yess.. the best of all: LAZINESS STRUCK! =_="

Btw, I, hereby declare that I am no longer in Umsa committee what else to be an Umsa member. Relieved to let go of the burden yet, sad for not being around with such awesome people. Saya dah retire dah.. Outdated betul blog ni! LOL!

Okey... hmm lagi ape ek? Hah! Kami dah dapat kotak untuk ship our stuff back home. So, basically, barang-barang yang aku nak ship balik dah 80% packed. I bought 3 boxes but so far only 2 boxes je yang penuh. Another one tak buka pun lagi. Gonna stuff my shoes and handbags inside. Nothing fragile. So, I dont have to worry even if the box is not full.

Tinggal sebulan, satu minggu je lagi masa yang tinggal untuk aku abeskan kat City of Sails ni.

Ooooo.. we went sailing last time. It was a cohort trip with Sheryll and her daughter. It was super duper awesome aku cakap. Sooo noice. I loike! Haha. The weather memang terbaik! Picnic atas kapal layar... mestilah lebih terbaik. Plus, free puler because government ada allocate money for our cultural trip. So, since Auckland is a City of Sails, kenalah rasa sailing kat Auckland sebelum balik. It's very pricey.. If it wasnt for the allocated money, I dont think I will ever sail myself (unless of course kalau aku tiba2 terasa kaya).

Okeh, tak yah scroll2 agi. abes dah entry ni.