Fluffy, my fat cat wasn't feeling well last few days. She vomitted few times and she didn't take her meals as often as she usually does. I think it was the thick dirt and dust from the constructions that took place around my house. Like, seriously. I just washed my car and I left it parked outside the house for like an hour and the dust that covered my car was already 1cm thick! They are building houses in front of mine, and next to my house, there is a highway construction. Huh! Imagine that!

So, poor Fluffy.. Having such thick fur makes her a living duster. Haha! I guess that's the reason why she was sick.

So, when we went back to the hostel, I finally bath her. Walauweh! She was super fat! She was so cute but noisy throughout the bath time. She just sat at one corner while I bathed her. Well of course she culd not stop meowing.. Her tummy looks and feels like jello when I touched it. But, she didn't let me dry her with towel. And she was so afraid of th sound of the hair drier that she ran and tumbled over everything. In the end, I had to let her dry her hair herself. She only let me use the towel to dry her after she had tried drying her wet, thick fur for almost an hour.

After the bathin session, she spent her time sleeping like 20 hours a day.