I miss New Zealand. Everyday, the feeling grows stronger. Make the desires to go back to Auckland even stronger. Oh, Allah, please let me graduates in Uni of Auckland with my family.
From my bed, I could see a big map of New Zealand and a Haka scroll. I hate to remember of those good times there. Coz they are just making me sad and down.

Please give me a rich, good looking, kind hearted, loyal and faithful, supportive, understanding, gentleman, well-educated, and a soleh husband that could bring me to New Zealand for holidays. Ameen.

p/s-Giler melampau tak nak impian aku? Haruslah tak.


unknown said...

impian kau mane ade melampau. itu adelah impian setiap wanita. hehe. yang part bw hol g nz tu, termasuk dlm impian aku. nnt bukan bw ak je. bw anak2 ktorg dtg mlwt tmpt mama belajar dlu. hehe.

and dear. dont feel sad and down bile teringat memori memori best. smile dear. smile because they happened. and kita sempat rasa semua tu. dan bila kita senyum kita rasa best. maybe benda2 tu kita x akan lalui lagi, but to remind ourselves that they happened once in our lives. tu da lebih dari menarik. so smile. hee.