First enrolled in this twinning course- July 05 in IPG KBA which formerly known as IPBA.
Struggling 1 and a half year of foundation in IPBA with so many ups and downs.
Then, slowly I crawled up the stairs to my first year of bachelor of education in IPBA. It wasn't easy. Never was.
Putting all the hardships in friendships, studies, not-so-conducive learning environment, and other aspects into the picture, I somehow could not believe the fact that I managed to enter 1st year.
Then, it's the time to fly off to NZ. Gosh! It was a big deal to everyone involved. Sure is. All the procedures in applying for visa, passport, medical documentations, etc was very taxing and troublesome.
The next thing I knew, I had passed all the procedures and there I was stepping my foot right outside of Auckland Airport. I remembered the chill breeze, the clear, blue sky, the ever blowing wind, and the calmness of the city which I miss so much now.
Had my chances to try out so many new things, wild things abroad. Been travelling around NZ, been to Brunei, and Jakarta.
Dealt with different personalities, conducted events that I might never got anymore chance to organise in future.
Experiences I faced and lessons I learnt during my 1st year there compared to those during my 2nd year there were extremely unique and different. They were incomparable.
Again, it's time to leave Autearoa. I hate to say that I was leaving for good coz I always hope that 1 day I would be able to come back to that peaceful land again.
Then, there was my final B.Ed. year in IPG KBA with myriads of changes await for us. As if the differences in  the environment, system and people were not enough to challange us, Cohort 4.
Our patient was being tested every now and then, we had to bear with so many weird decisions by the authorities,etc.
But, it was not a big transition to me as I had been expecting the worst to come. I had been prepared by seniors who had been warning me of what to be expected when I go back to IPBA.
So, finally, I have finished my studies.
Spending my time at home, expecting news regarding my posting soon. Hopefully, I'll get to teach a school that will suit me best that provide ample opportunity for me to excel in my career.

~The End of This Chapter of My Journey~