Saturday, 22.11.08
8am breakfst. then waited at d lobby for d tour package thingy. 8.30 as appointed, they arrived n brought me to d meetng point wer d other tourists would gather. for d package tht i chose, hany 4 org includng me. i was d only girld in tht group. nasib baik d tour guide was a girl namany ferah. Ferah ni rjn membebel org ny tp peramah dan baik juge. first, menuju ke MONAS d national monument. too many ppl q-ing to go to d top so we just took pics in d museum. followed by a visit to d batik shop wer i bought smthng 4 ibu n abah. i bought 1 set of kebaya yg blm d jahit 4 myself. cntik giler. then to taman mini indonesia indah to look at d dif houses of each province. d architecture n designs were so outstanding. later to d national museum. aku impressed giler wth d artistic and cultural features being inculcated in their lives n n architecture.

sgt suke n glad tht i took tht package sbb dpt new frens. aku juga terharu melihat kesungguhan kebykn mereka yg mencari rezeki d tgh kesesakn lalu lintas dan keterikan mentari. tanpa mengenal erti putus asa wpun tidak diendahkn sm skali oleh org2 sekeliling. mcm2 yg dijual ada keropok lah dn ygg plg kelakar skali bl ada org jual feather duster di tgh2 jln. kagum dgn kesungguhan dorg. tp mngkn ada org yg susah kat luar sn dan inginkn kesenangn dgn cr yg mudah spt mencuri n pickpocket. alhamdullillah so far aku tak face wth these ppl lg. n i cant help myself gvng tips to my tour guide n shud i call a fren now, my bell boy, d 1 who delivered my dinner, n my rum keeper. there is a satisfaction by givng those tips myb coz i was once in their shoes. so i knw hw hard d job is.
ok til here... nk prepare to go to airport. mau pulang ke msia ku terchenta. so dnt forget to welcome me home ait... haha daa~~~