Sedih la pulak bl tengok bilik aku dah kosong... dah xde touch aku lgsng. Feel like I m in some1 else's room. Gona have to sleep in an empty bed, with no pillow and beddings tonight...n tomrw. Counting d days b4 flying off... nervous jugak bile fikir nk travel sendiri ni. sooo scary.. hehe...

b4 this i said that i might gona hv to add about 1 or 2 boxes of stuff to be moved out. unfortunately.. d number increased beyond my expectation. Finally, after finished packing evrything.. s in EVRYTHING, the total of packed stuff r...

1 big box of appliances
1 box of my booksss
1 box of books from Eva
2/3 boxes of clothes
1 box of shoess
1 box of beddings
1 laundary basket filled with stuff
1 box of fan-present
1 ampaian
1 picnic basket full of novels and magz
1 guitar...

duh~ which crazy woman is goin to buy soo many stuff when only staying abroad for only like 2 years??? -ME!!!! !#$%^&*!!

thats not d climax of d story.. We (oh..forgot, me n nisah) moved our stuff into Zira's house. Soo envy her house... damn pretty but, have to climb 4/5 floors cos no CLIMB! yup we climbed up the stairs with ALL those boxes and stuff... giler menggigil pale lutut gue! seriously, my knees were shaking for like hours... but then really greatful coz I gotto keep my stuff there for free. If not, I ll definitely have to send my stuff into storage and pay like seriously a lot for 3 months... so thats really great.

This afternoon, i went down Queen St to look for this mak cik punye music box.. haih kenapalh kwn2 aku suke mntk mende2 pelik n merepek.. she wanted a so called "spesel" music box.. duh~ it's nearly Christmas. When I asked or search for "spesel" music box, all i got were Christmas music boxes-with Santa or if not with all d dwarfs... aku belikan br tau.. nk sgt yg spesel! haha... But then, I decided to checked out my favourite gift stall... n I decided to buy this...

It's a perfume bottle. I couldnt afford to fill the bottle full so I asked d girl to fill d bottle half. I think it's special enough coz it's very unique n difficult to find such design anymore. Ada tempat picit2 lagi gitew.. ala2 Victorian age..haha... I also bought a vest for me. I ve been wishing for a vest that fit me but never found 1. but then, while I was strolling around "Postie", suddenly I saw two vests of my size. i grabbed both n tried em on. I like both. 1 is very elegant n another 1 is very cool n more informal. but i decided to choose d elegant 1. $39.99... there goes my money..lalalala~ it's ok.. it worths d price... really satisfied.

went home n showed off to my frens d perfume bottle n then... eh... awat harum semerbak... melekit2 botol ni...???? then i started cursing.. shiiit... tumpah!!! siallah!! both me n d salesgirl were sooo idiotic... mmg ler tumpah.. dh mende tu picit2.. when we close d box, it'd compress d pemicit n there goes d perfume.. so bijak... i dont care i m goin to d shop back tis monday n ask for sth to prevent d perfume from coming out. must b a way.. n hopefully she would add some more perfume. wana try to blame her for her!!!