Wednesday, 19 Nov 08

8.30am (Auckland time)
went to airport, check in cargo luggage. luckily it was only 19.4kg. hand luggage was 6.7kg. also lucky.. ngam2 je..

boarding... got a nice place next to d window. my seat was 50K. d guy next to me was HOT! lol...

Kapal terbang ku berlepas menuju ke Brisbane... transit for 2 hours. bengang juge kerna ngak tahu menahu psl transit d brisbane ni till d time nk berlepas.

about 5pm (Brunei time)
Arrived at Brunei airport. Waited for our luggage like ages. Then, being told that our luggage were sent to Jakarta straight away because we r in transit. I ended up with my hand luggage n laptop bag. No clothes n toiletries.

Picked up by d hotel shuttle. Since our transit was more than 8 hours, they provided us with free hotel. Stayed there overnight. Giler best n mewah. this was my rum in Brunei.

not to forget the delicious nyummy free meals.. buffet mestilah mkn byk2.. bkn senang nk dpt free fud yg sdp kat hotel mahal..lalala~

Thursday, 20 Nov 08

7.30am(Brunei time)
trn mkn breakfast dgn nisah kat cafe hotel. mmg muntah kedarah mkn... bukan mkn lagi nmny.. melahap, menelan, mencekik..haha. then naik atas ambil bag n waited for d shuttle to bring us back to d airport to continue our journey to Jakarta. took sm pics at d lobby wit nisah. but i only hv a pic of nisah n d lobby wit me rite nw. my pic is in nisah's cam.

Around 11am

bersyukur sbb everythng goes fine at d custom. waiting inside for our plane. bought a few souvenirs. d shop accepted foreign currency. So we did not have to change our money. I just paid using credit card n NZD. oh, n i thought tht Jakarta uses d same plug as msia n brunei. that was y i bought an adaptor in brunei in case i couldnt find any in jakarta airport. while waiting, we met fellow auckies msian at d airport. they were on their way back to msia and transit for 2 hours in brunei.


berlepas lagi dan kali ni straight to jakarta. no more transit2. penat dh transit2 nih. now, i finally get to worried about travelling alone in jakarta.

1.10pm (Jakarta time)

landed safely at d airport. alhamdulillah skali lg sgt lega to get through d imigresen. n i hv to say, their airport was sooo like a duplicate of puduraya... soo many ppl offerring their taxi service, even d foreign exchange counters were like pudu's bus ticket counters. i teman nisah look for naim n ajiSSS. Nisah said they shud b waiting for her at d arrival gate. but naah, nope, nein we look all over d place n there was no sign of em. n suddenly we arrive at god knows wer.. n there they were hahaha... they waited at d wrong arrival gate rupenye. then they teman me pulak to get a cab. honestly, i hv prob with IDR cos their money was like soo big i mean d digit. ribu2 lah pening pale aku. nk convert pn ssh. so i ended up getting a cab which was NOT a cab at all. It was a big, black, new, shiny Mpv. n also cost me like 250 000 rupee. after converting it to NZD i realised tht it cost me about 40 NZD. DUH~ but then i think d price was ok. cos rupe2nye.. hotel yg kononny kata sgt lh dekat 4m airport ms aku book tu sgtlh jauh n lama. jakarta's traffic was no dif then kl's. jam memanjang. pening2.. dh lh panas dpt bapak taksi yg peramah amat. sakit pala gue... ngak mau berhenti mulutnya... mau di suruh diam nnt rude pulak. layan ajelaa... d best part was... he seriously wanted me to charter him everydy for 400000 per day to go anywer. konon2 bilang aja mau ke mana bapak bisa tunjukin tempatny... nak mampos?? aku bkn anak raja doh. klu setakat pergi jln2 sehari suntuk for 400000 n not inclusive of d entrance to all d attractions baik tak yah. dahtu duit tol sah2 lah aku kene byr. nk g hotel tu pun aku kene bbyr tol. dh lah balance amik trs. tp mmg aku niat nk sedekah je duit lbh tu kat die. tp klu die pulang leklok kn lg baik. ni senyap2 trs simpan. hmm mngkn thts hw it works here. its ok no big deal. yg pntg gue udah slmt smpi d grand Flora Hotel yg jauh nk mampos d tgh2 bandar.

so impressed wth d service of this hotel. siap ada security kat entrace. bag aku pn kene screening. ingt aku nk bwk ape??? aku pn tkt nk pndg muke die garang sgt. aku senyum pun die tak senyum blk. sioot je!! wek!!! tp mmg patut pn ada security yg baik coz d area was soo padat n d people some look very kind n sm sgt mencurigakn. but the segurity guards around this area were so helpful. n remember??? i used to work in a hotel b4. of course i didnt 4get hw it felt doing their jobs in d hotel. so i gv d bellboy 2USD s his tips. actly, wer did i get those us dollar?? those were my tips at Copthorne b4. n now i gv sm to them. just bcos i used to had d excitement of getting tips. though it was just a dollar. thts better thn nothing. i want him to hv tht same feeling. after checking in, it was about 4pm jakarta time. i was so tired just want to rest in d room.

finally i can go online n call my mum. i knw they worried cos wen i managed to charge my hp, i received 2 notifications of missed calls 4m both my parents. n unfortunately, d plug wasnt d same s brunei n msia. so i had to call d house keeping department askng for an interntionl adaptor to chrge my hp n laptop. yeah n d internet, was 24hours free. so thts wat i hv been doin in my rum. interneting... new vocab, ppl... haha. dah mlm2 lapar giler hny ada muffin yg dpt dlm flight je. soo aku pn bedal lah magi mini bar. tu pn aku convert siap2 br brni amik. skrg dh pndi convert dah hahhaa...