1. My skin is very dry
  2. My stomach is grumbling
  3. My house smells like Tandoori Chicken
  4. Feels very lonely
  5. Really2 Pokai right now
  6. 2 assignments + 3 tests coming my way n havent prepared a thing
  7. Desperately need to go out n get my mind blown away
  8. Wanna go jamming-beat em drums wit all my heart, slam on d guitar n scream out to d top of my lung FOR FREE!!! (where can i find such place???)
  9. Want to be real about this life... grasp sth n held it in my hands n never see it slipping away... something, someone, concrete..not abstract.
  10. Having too many complaints... *sigh*

On top of all these complaints.. I am quite content with my life.