5minutes walk dari rumah aku ni ada satu Convenient Store. Itulah penyelamat aku di kala waktu2 genting seperti:
  1. Shit! Pad dah habis????
  2. OMG! Stok makanan dah habis?? Aku dah kebulur ni...
  3. Otakku mogok tak mau buat esaimon selagi tak dpt junk food... LOL
  4. Nak gi party... tapi "pot luck"...Rumah dah xde makanan...
  5. On d way to lectures yg super duper membosankan.. singgah sat lah pi beli ngonyel2..
  6. Aku depreeessss!! Kene kuar dari rumah ni kalau tak nanti aku blh commit suicide! Tp nak ke mana?? hehehe...faham2 sudey..pura2 mencari brg dlm kedai tu.. padahal sj alasan bodo giler nk kuar rumah...
  7. Balik dari lecture..... boleh singgah tuk tapao Fish Pie.
  8. Aarrgghhh!! Light Bulb!!! Damn u, bontot bulb ni tak compatible dgn soket!!! (alasan terbaru ku)

Aku tak ler suke sgt kedai ni, tapi dh itu je kedai yg plg dekat dan convenient yg ada. Dahlah tokey kedai ni gatal giler. Dah lah xreti ckp omputeh... bengang betul kalau cari brg kat kedai tu time die jaga. Konfem lah aku akan balik dgn tgn kosong. Mati seharian nak menerangkan barang yg aku cari tu.. Dah tu, kalau time bayar tu, seboleh2 nk pegang seluruh tangan aku..eyewwww!!! geli okeh, pak cik!! aku dh pegang paling hujuuuuung dah kad aku tu, dia stil akan grab tgn aku. Aaaaa pak cik giler meroyan!!! Tapi... aku paliiing suke kalau wife die jaga. Sooo sweet itu mak cik. Soo friendly gitew. Senyum je.

Toilet ku dah bercahaya kembali!!! Yay!! Dah berminggu2 aku buat bisnes dlm toilet yg gelap... Kahkahkah. Ada je bulb spare yg aku beli dari last year. Tapi, dah ku try2 rupenye bontotnye jenis lain lak. Sengal betol! Dah tu kene lak aku yg mmg pelupe ni. Berpuluh kali lalu kat convenient store tu asik lupe je nk beli bulb. Akhirnye hari ni blk lec John, aku beli gak bulb. dan.. tadaaaa... bestnyee mandi ada lampu hehehhehe.. sooo sukee!!!!

Sebagai penghuni Bumi, aku tak boleh tidak mengikut putaran paksi Bumi. Dengan kata lain, aku ni hanyalah insan kerdil, keciik setotet, seciput nak dibandingkan dengan keseluruhan masyarakat Bumi. Dengan itu, aku kene terima dan ikut peredaran dunia dan masyarakat. Sebab tak kira macam mana aku cube nak berputar menentang putaran paksi Bumi, hahaha aku tetap berada di atas bumi dan bergerak bersama2nya. Tujuan kita semua sebenarnya sama.... (fikirlah sendiri... kalau tak reti2 nak pk sendiri, baru tanya aku!)

Moral of the story: Aku ni peliksss sebab aku sendiri tak tau ape aku bebel.. jadi, jangan jadikan aku kaunselor/penasihat peribadi anda.. hahahaha!

  1. My skin is very dry
  2. My stomach is grumbling
  3. My house smells like Tandoori Chicken
  4. Feels very lonely
  5. Really2 Pokai right now
  6. 2 assignments + 3 tests coming my way n havent prepared a thing
  7. Desperately need to go out n get my mind blown away
  8. Wanna go jamming-beat em drums wit all my heart, slam on d guitar n scream out to d top of my lung FOR FREE!!! (where can i find such place???)
  9. Want to be real about this life... grasp sth n held it in my hands n never see it slipping away... something, someone, concrete..not abstract.
  10. Having too many complaints... *sigh*

On top of all these complaints.. I am quite content with my life.

Jangan tanya..

Jangan komen pape..

Dah alang2 begini, baik ko diam je!

Kalau tak nanti..

AKU NANGIS kaaang!!!
Kamu ni mmg pelikss juge..

Suke buat saye bengong..

Tp skrg sudah makin faham..

Jadi kurang sikit bengongnye.. ihik..

Jadi.. saya tulis post ni, khas buat kamu.

Sebab sedetik masa yang kamu luangkan dengan saya..

Dah buat saye saaaangatt bahagia..

Dan cukup utk melengkapkan dan membahagiakan hari saye.

Terima kasih atas ucapan Happy Birthday tuu..

Wpun kalau ikutkan masa saya dah terlambat..

Tp, dimaafkan kerna ikut waktu kamu.. masih 20 Mei.

Saye akn bljr mengerti diri kamu...

Juge, terima kasih kerna kamu,

Saye belajar menghargai diri sendiri..

Thank You, YOU...

Tepat jam 11.32am, 20th May 1988.. lahirlah sorg bayi perempuan yg diberi nama Nur Izzati Hassan. Semenjak waktu tu..hingga lah ke hari ni... macam2 dah berlaku dlm hidup dia.. Macam2 juge dia dah belajar tentang hidup. Not to mention..d different birthdays each year. Dah 21 tahun detik tu berlalu.. Dan dah 21 tahun juge dia hidup menumpang di Bumi Allah dan menggunakan segala nikmat dan khazanah tuhan. Atas kesedaran itu, dia duduk bertafakur inside her sweet, little shelter in The Cambridge, mensyukuri nikmat hidup yg diberikan selama ni dan menyedekahkan beberapa cebis kalam Allah buat insan2 yg disygi - yg telah pergi mengadap Allah mahupun yg msh hidup meumpang seperti dia di dunia ni.

I am thanking all my thoughtful friends and loving family for remembering this day. Plus, d fact that I managed to collect more than a hundred dollar for d World Vision program today, cheers up my day!! Yay!

My Birthday Wish this year: Saye mau sorg steady BOYFRIEND. (seoraaaang je pun jadilah!)

  1. They are so funny.
  2. Each one of them is unique in their own way.
  3. Therefore, they have different perspectives and point of views of life.
  4. Remind me of my unique friends.
  5. It always made me reflect my life and relationships with people around me.
  6. Made me see things from different angles and be on the other side of the table instead of just seeing things the way I want it to be.
  7. Whatever they portrayed might seem too dramatic for a real life story but, I think those are real life scenarios that might happened to anyone.
  8. Damn... I loike the song specifically this part "No one has ever told me life's gonna be this way..." I totally agree with that!
The last few weeks were definitely very tough for me. Undergone weird mood swings every now and then..I guess it was the transition of a new season which caused some changes in my hormone as well.. who knows whats goin on inside their body? Definitely not me. Dont understand my own body... urgh!!

So what was I up to these few days?? Let's see.. There were assignmentsss, unpaid debts that required urgent attention, fell sick..sick..n sick again, Nisah's advance birthday 'makan-makan' -->Nisah doesnt like it to be called party.., Mother's Day, and.. normal boring stuff of my life.

1. Assignments are as suckss as ever
2. Debts had been given the attention required (but not fully paid, yet!)
3. Sickness...I told ya.. I cant understand my own body...
4. Nisah's makan2.......God.. bersyukur atas rezeki yg dilimpahkan.. Havent ate that much for few weeks.. Almost threw up that night.. Enjoyed the moment n sure it meant more to Nisah.
5. Mother's Day

Ibu always knew if this daughter of her had problems and had been keeping secrets from her. The mother-daughter instincts had worked on its magic successfully wonderful without failure up to this point. And Im very greatful for that. Because of my financial crisis, I couldnt afford to get any present for Ibu which really frustrated me. Instead, Ibu n Abah were d ones who were doing me a favor...love u both..n miss u soo much! I called Ibu n wished her Happy Mother's Day n was so touched to know that Abah, for the first time showed his most sincere gratitude to Ibu for taking care of his children all this long..

"Happy Mother's Day...
Thank you sebab jaga dan besarkan anak2 Abah selama ni."

With that..I knew that she already got her best Mother's Day gift ever.. and I am happy that after all we had gone through for so long... Allah had brought our old Abah back to us... a wiser and better man.
Cari buku "The English Teacher" di UBS...>> Tak jumpa.

Mencari seseorang utk bantuan...>>> Abg comel di counter tersenyum manis (bila lagi nk tersengih2 kat dia. Nilah masanya.)

Abg Comel lagi Kacak ber'accent' pelik...>> Takpe. Nasib baik ko kacak. Lalu aku maafkan..LOL

Bagai ayam dan itik...>> Aku tak paham ape dia bebel (sbb tlh dikaburi oleh kekacakannya), dia tak paham aku ckp (??? Tak tahu knp...kekacakanku???hehe.. 'sound trouble' lah tu..)

Buku tu 'out of stock'..>> Dia masih berusaha cari alternative utk aku wpun sudah berkali2 ku bilang "It's OK, then..". (SAH!! Sound Trouble mamat nih!!)

Berbual dgn Kauthar...>> Manusia memang pelikssss.. Org2 di KL mulut berabuk2 'speaking' omputeh (sorry we dont speak Malay)... kami disini..(English??ape tuh??).."No English..No..No.."

Love can be a many splendored thing
Can't deny the joy it brings
A dozen roses, diamond rings
Dreams for sale and fairy tales
It'll make you hear a symphony
And you just want the world to see
But like a drug that makes you blind,
It'll fool ya every time

The trouble with love is
It can tear you up inside
Make your heart believe a lie
It's stronger than your pride
It doesn't care how fast you fall
And you can't refuse the call
See, you got no say at all

Now I was once a fool, it's true
I played the game by all the rules
But now my world's a deeper blue
I'm sadder, but I'm wiser too
I swore I'd never love again
I swore my heart would never mend
Said love wasn't worth the pain
But then I hear it call my name

Every time I turn around
I think I've got it all figured out
My heart keeps callin' and I keep on fallin'
Over and over again

This sad story always ends the same
Me standin' in the pourin' rain
It seems no matter what I do
It tears my heart in two

It's in your heart
It's in your soul
You won't get no control
See, you got no say at all

P/s- Taken from Kelly Clarkson song "The Trouble with Love Is". This is NOT the original lyrics coz it has been altered a bit.

Aku tak paham dia, Dia pon tak paham aku..
Aku ingat dia merajuk, tapi mungkin juga dia penat atau mungkin juge bosan...
Terlalu banyak kemungkinan...
Asyik meneka je..takkan ada jawapan yang pasti.

Dia pulak.. lebih suke berdiam diri..
Lebih suka aku yang bercerita, membebel...
Dia suke mendengar..
Tak pernah bercerita tentang dia, masalah dia, sejarah dia... hmm
Katanya tak rasa nak bercerita...

Sekarang... baru berapa hari mungkin baru seminggu... dah rasa renggang...
Bila difikirkan pucuk pangkalnya...
Mungkin sebab kurang komunikasi...
Aku tak berani nak luahkn ape yang aku tak puas hati
sebab tak tahu die orangnye mcm mana.. dah lah aku ni jenis yg extrovert..
makin pendam makin makan dalam...

Dia pula... entah lah... dari gayanya, aku tahu dia ada rasa tak puas hati..
tapi entahlah..


sayang u...

marah jugak...

kecewa lagi...

rasa bersalah juge...

tapi sangat risaukan dia..

sebab sgt syg..

geram sbb xboleh memahami dia...

dan dia tak memahami aku...

Keputusan: Tengok sejauh mana boleh pergi...
Selama aku pernah jatuh chenta, aku rasa pahit lebih banyak daripada manis...

Aku nak steady boyfriend.. a serious relationship bukan main2 ala2 zaman sekolah dulu.

I sangat sayang kat U but then, I tak rasa that u're serious about us.

Sometimes I felt like I'm the only 1 yg in love...

I felt like u re so happy to have me loving u so that u ada teman nk bermanja, nk borak n stuff...

There is still so much about u that i dont know. The same goes to u... I dont think u know much about me.

Not to blame u, syg... I am at wrong.. D problem is with me not u. I guess this is the price that i ll have to pay for fallin in love....

Just being soo EMO these few days....

Despite of all those things I wrote, they dont change my feeling to u. Yeah, I still Love U.

Aku tak tau nak mula kat mana... Tengah hari tadi masa on the way ke gym for dance practice, I received a call from my mum. She sounded like she was sick. I could feel the uneasiness in her voice. I started to panic. Then I got the news. Atuk Mok meninggal pagi tadi... Ya Allah... aku rasa mcm slh dengar. tak mungkin... thats so unfair... I didnt get the chance to see her before she go. I felt soo guilty that i didnt pick up d phone and call her hew days ago. Few days hari tu, hati aku dah tergerak nak call atuk mok tanya khabar. Coz aku xcal pun lagi die since aku smpi cni bln 2 hari tu. How ungrateful i am... atuk mok sgt syg kat aku.. die risau sgt ms dpt tau aku belom jumpe rumah utk tinggal thn ni hari tu.. die selalu bagi duit kat aku walaupun die kene guna banyak duit utk hydrolisis.. And I... I couldnt even make 1 single phone call... I cant forgive myself for that... Padahal ibu ada bgtau aku atok mok tak brp sehat few weeks ago. N malam tadi die sakit mengejut... Dulu masa arwah bah tok meninggal pon aku xsempat jmpa. But at least aku sempat tengok jenazah.. tapi atok mok.. aku mmg terkilan giler..

sblm balik auckland hari tu, atok mok ada cakap, die nak sangat tengok aku grad. Die teringin nak tido kat rumah aku. Teringin nak datang sini. Dia kata dia tak pasti sama ada die sempat tengok aku balik tak akhri tahun ni.. Mana tau that was our last time together....

Al-Fatihah buat nenek tersayang, Kamsah Bt. Ahmad... semoga sentiasa dicucuri Rahmat dan KeampunanNYa...
The most boring, eye-soring, mind-blowing lecture I've ever attended. My unprepared mind plus my severe headache added on to the sheer boredom I was having. Despite of all those, Penny (our lovely, normally enthusiastic lecturer) seemed to be unprepared and kinda blur herself.

She asked us to read 2 case studies in pairs when the summary and findings of those studies had been laid out on the slides handouts... duh~ who wants to read those studies. Intan and me went on searching for interesting 'lexical' items instead and these are the 'lexical' items that we found as striking, 'prominent', and interesting to be ponded upon from the 2 case studies:

1. pidginization
2. 'money-girl'
3. Hawaii
4. prostitute
5. Kasper-sky
6. Norton (2001)

Hahaha... we are like sooo LOL (an example of pidginization!--according to Intan).

And, returned home only to found that Woosh Internet, sucksssss!!!! No signal up till 11pm. Am not d only person having such problem, i guess other Woosh users were cursing Woosh like hell as well. Intan and Mira also facing the same problem... bet d rest too....

I wanted to play "Our Song" with my guitar so i browsed through the Ultimate-Guitar's database. Feels so happy u got what u're looking for coz we re not always lucky, u know.. So i thought, wow those chords are damn simple and easy, man! Then i tried to play and trying so hard to sound as close to Taylor but darn... not a chance! What did I go wrong? My guitar is well tuned. I played the chords correctly. I know, the strumming part! Jeng3x... duh~

So i tried to pick up the strumming by listening very very carefully to d way taylor played it. still.. no progress was made. I checked out you tube.. n haha i found it! That guy was cool, man! Then only i realised how "berkarat" my guitar skill is. Now, i miss Tn. Syed. Felt like a total beginner cant even pick up simple strumming like that, wat the heck?!

Reflecting back my guitar progress.. I never did anything to improve my guitar skill since i got here in Auckland. What do u expect? I play guitar based on my mood. Not for d sake of becoming d best out of d best. Guitar is my soul mate. The songs I played (NO! we played) mainly depending on my mood. Happy songs for happy time, sad song for harsh times etc2...

So, yeah... basically no progress... well, i ll pick up slowly. Lalalala~