I wanted to play "Our Song" with my guitar so i browsed through the Ultimate-Guitar's database. Feels so happy u got what u're looking for coz we re not always lucky, u know.. So i thought, wow those chords are damn simple and easy, man! Then i tried to play and trying so hard to sound as close to Taylor but darn... not a chance! What did I go wrong? My guitar is well tuned. I played the chords correctly. I know, the strumming part! Jeng3x... duh~

So i tried to pick up the strumming by listening very very carefully to d way taylor played it. still.. no progress was made. I checked out you tube.. n haha i found it! That guy was cool, man! Then only i realised how "berkarat" my guitar skill is. Now, i miss Tn. Syed. Felt like a total beginner cant even pick up simple strumming like that, wat the heck?!

Reflecting back my guitar progress.. I never did anything to improve my guitar skill since i got here in Auckland. What do u expect? I play guitar based on my mood. Not for d sake of becoming d best out of d best. Guitar is my soul mate. The songs I played (NO! we played) mainly depending on my mood. Happy songs for happy time, sad song for harsh times etc2...

So, yeah... basically no progress... well, i ll pick up slowly. Lalalala~


alfina said...

u shud b more like hisyam den.
always with the guitar.
making me even so more jealous

Mata penaku Habis dakwat said...

haha... yeah true... i might as well couple with that guitar...lol

tidak menyakitkan hati hanya menyakitkan jari hahaha