The last few weeks were definitely very tough for me. Undergone weird mood swings every now and then..I guess it was the transition of a new season which caused some changes in my hormone as well.. who knows whats goin on inside their body? Definitely not me. Dont understand my own body... urgh!!

So what was I up to these few days?? Let's see.. There were assignmentsss, unpaid debts that required urgent attention, fell sick..sick..n sick again, Nisah's advance birthday 'makan-makan' -->Nisah doesnt like it to be called party.., Mother's Day, and.. normal boring stuff of my life.

1. Assignments are as suckss as ever
2. Debts had been given the attention required (but not fully paid, yet!)
3. Sickness...I told ya.. I cant understand my own body...
4. Nisah's makan2.......God.. bersyukur atas rezeki yg dilimpahkan.. Havent ate that much for few weeks.. Almost threw up that night.. Enjoyed the moment n sure it meant more to Nisah.
5. Mother's Day

Ibu always knew if this daughter of her had problems and had been keeping secrets from her. The mother-daughter instincts had worked on its magic successfully wonderful without failure up to this point. And Im very greatful for that. Because of my financial crisis, I couldnt afford to get any present for Ibu which really frustrated me. Instead, Ibu n Abah were d ones who were doing me a u both..n miss u soo much! I called Ibu n wished her Happy Mother's Day n was so touched to know that Abah, for the first time showed his most sincere gratitude to Ibu for taking care of his children all this long..

"Happy Mother's Day...
Thank you sebab jaga dan besarkan anak2 Abah selama ni."

With that..I knew that she already got her best Mother's Day gift ever.. and I am happy that after all we had gone through for so long... Allah had brought our old Abah back to us... a wiser and better man.


Loving Life said...

that is so great. i wish my dad would appreciate my mom like that too once in a while. =)

kisahdreamer said...

thank you for the night. =D
makan2 as I call it.